Wopal, also called Vopar, is a planet in Phantasy Star Online 2. It is the home of the Oceanids and the hidden base operation of Luther.


Wopal is a planet mostly covered by ocean, with its landmass consisting of rocky surfaces or white-sand beaches. Huge amount of water accumulates in Wopal's atmosphere, and might fall down in deluges similar to huge waterfalls in the sky. The planet rotates at a fast rate, resulting in very short day cycles. Due to Lurther's mad experiments with Photon particles, Falspawn have invaded the minds of most of the Oceanid population, except for a select portion. Additionally, the researches have resulted in several mutated Oceanids, including a sub-group with human-like genes.


The only natural landmass covering Wopal are the coastal area, consisting of rocks and soft sands. In the distance, what appear to be large, old facilities can be seen. The waterfall-like deluges fall from the sky into the horizon and the skies made for a breathtaking sight, but any ARKS ops on a work should remain cautious of any fierce Oceanids that crawl ashore or any readings of winged Falspawn. A fearsome Oceanid known by words of mouth among ARKS, the Bar Lodos, can be encountered further in.


Down into the seabed cavern is where the more exotic Oceanids thrive. Most of them have been influenced into madness by the Falspawn, but ARKS ops who saw any non-hostile specimens in distress should proceed into rescue procedure immediately. Manmade waterfalls and pumps can be found in the area, as well as strange switches that control the water levels of the cavern. A beautiful Oceanid specimen called the Biol Meduna can be found dancing around the torrents deeper into the maze.

Floating Facility

The remains of facilities utilized by Luther for his mad experiments. While the facility is no longer active, the mutated Oceanids remain and have multiplied to the point of populating the place. Oceanid pirates uses the facility as landmarks and docks, and might endanger any investigators passing by. Traces of strong winged Bwomf are also present. A draconian Oceanid called Nept Casadohra had made the facility its domain, alongside the lizardine Leomaduraad.


This is a list of enemies that appear in Wopal during regular ARKS Quests, Expeditions or as exclusive spawns in Story Mode. This list does not include enemies that appear during random Emergency Codes.




  • Tyraluda (Coast, Seabed)
  • Shutrahda (Coast, Seabed)
  • Broondarl (Coast, Seabed)
  • Luda Sorcerer (Coast, Seabed, Floating Facility)
  • Dekor Maryuda (Coast, Seabed)
  • Solda Capita (Seabed, Floating Facility)
  • Guru Solda (Seabed, Floating Facility)
  • Dwe Solda (Seabed, Floating Facility)
  • Bryu Ringahda (Seabed)
  • Davrune (Floating Facility)
  • Davrunda (Floating Facility)
  • Druahda (Floating Facility)
  • Lanz Valehda (Floating Facility)


Dark Falz-related

  • Falz Arm[1]
  • Falz Hyunal[1]
  • Falz Angel[1]
  • Falz Daril & Falz Dran (Fuse into Falz Dranble)[1]
  • Persona[1]


Urgent Quest


ARKS Quest

Time Attack

  • Running Maneuvers: Wopal

Story Quest

Main Story


Advance Quest

  • Advance Directive: Coast
  • Advance Directive: Seabed
  • Advance Directive: Floating Facility


  • Just like some other terms in the game, Wopal's name seems to have a demonology-related origin; in this case, the 42nd demon of the Ars Goetia, Vepar.

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