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With You is a song performed by Lita Harvey for Phantasy Star Universe. It is typically played at the conclusion of each story chapter and in the ending credits.

With You can be found on the For Brighter Day soundtrack, which collects every theme found in the original release of Phantasy Star Universe.


Standing still, I look to the sky
I want to see your tomorrow
Let my soul stay in your heart
If our destiny comes to ruin

Life is given from the heavens
We still see how small we are
The stream of time
Some petals in the wind
I hear them sing in my ear
Their sweetest songs ease my mind

I am with you, always with you
Even when you forget to smile
The words I say, keep them in your heart
Forever and ever, I'm yours

With some tears
I do love you with no fear
I am so warm from the day spent with you

In this world, busy world
We may lose our smiling faces
No hope but fear
That's what I had at that time
It is you that encouraged me
Now I believe in our future

I am with you forever
Even if you're lost in the world
I look back on the days spent with you
What I say is I will be with you

I tell you
Now I've found my strength
That is the gift of your love
Your love


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