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Trimates (Japanese: トリメイト) are a member of the mate family of healing items, and are among the strongest healing items in the game. When used, a Trimate will restore a character's Hitpoints to full, regardless of how much damage the character has taken.

Phantasy Star Online

Trimates are often used by high-level hunters when Dimates stop being cost-effective; that is, when the character acquires over approximately 1,000 HP. They can be obtained as somewhat rare drops from monsters, or purchased in the item store on Pioneer II for 2,000 meseta apiece. Some monsters, such as Hildebears, have a high drop rate of Trimates in low difficulties.

Phantasy Star Online 2

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The Trimate is the strongest healing item. It can be purchased for 150 Meseta at the Item Shop, or rarely dropped from Containers.

Trimates heal for 100% of your HP. This value can be boosted by certain effects, such as the Mate Lovers Skill Ring, although this is redundant.

The Trimate has the slowest consumption animation. Automate Skills prioritize Trimates last.

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