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The whole new world is the opening theme to Phantasy Star Online Episodes I & II. It has appeared on numerous soundtracks and has even been remixed for other games in the series such as Phantasy Star Online 2.

Similar to many of the theme songs in the Phantasy Star Online series, the lyrics to The whole new world are sung in English.

Overview & Theme

The whole new world is divided into two parts. The first part of the song is sung with lyrics, although these words were initially melodic "lalala" sounds in the version 1 release of Phantasy Star Online. The second half is an instrumental theme introducing the player to the mysterious world of Ragol.

The lyrics describe the intense hope and optimism that the people of Coral presumably felt as they traveled across the stars aboard Pioneer 1 and Pioneer 2 to this new world in a desperate effort to save their people from their dying planet.


Innumerable stars
Won't tell us where to go
It's a long, long run
To the palace in the sun

With hopes and dreams
Our ship will cross the sea
To the whole new world
Shining like a pearl
The whole new world


External Links

  • ESPIOKaos for transcribing the lyrics (Wayback Machine)
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