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Wilm Break casting megid, a powerful dark technique.

Techniques (Japanese: テクニック, tekunikku), also referred to as technics or techs, are spells traditionally cast by organic humanoids, such as humans and newmans; androids in some universes typically do not have access to techniques, although more recent titles in the franchise such as Phantasy Star Online 2 have removed this restriction. Techniques range from offensive spells that deal damage to and negatively affect enemies, to supporting techniques that heal the caster and his/her teammates and give stat boosts.

Techniques are closely tied to Mind Strength and spell level; higher stats means offensive techniques deal more damage, last longer, have shorter cast times as well as generally becoming more effective.


In the original classic series, the esper Lutz used his experience in the magical arts in order to create a generalized form of magic. This power, unlike magic, could be taught to anyone regardless of genetic affinity. Upon his return to Algol in AW 345, Lutz originated common techniques seen in present times, such as foi and zonde.[1]

By around the AW 2200's, many humans lost the ability to use magic.[1][2] From then on, magic potential remained mostly restricted to people training in the Esper Mansion on planet Dezolis.[2] To the rest of humanity in the Algol star system, magic essentially ceased to exist despite techniques now widespread among most scholars and hunters. Those who could cast forbidden magic became pejoratively known as magicians or fake magicians.





Other (Phantasy Star Online 2)

  • Safoie
  • Sabarta
  • Sazonde
  • Sazan
  • Sagrants
  • Samegid
  • Nafoie
  • Nabarta
  • Nazonde
  • Nazan
  • Nagrants
  • Namegid
  • Ilfoie
  • Ilbarta
  • Ilzonde
  • Ilzan
  • Ilgrants
  • Ilmegid

Compound (Phantasy Star Online 2)






  • Rimet
  • Eijia
  • Gaj
  • Gigaj
  • Nagaj
  • Sag
  • Gisag
  • Nasag
  • Brose
  • Conte
  • Forsa




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