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Technique Points (commonly called TP) is a stat featured in the Phantasy Star series. This stat appears in the Classic series, Phantasy Star Online, and Phantasy Star Zero. Tech Points are points that supply techniques.

They are replaced by the Photon Points stat in the Phantasy Star Universe series and the Phantasy Star Online 2 series.

Classic Series

Tech Points (TP) function similarly to Mana or MP featured in other RPGs. They are consumed when the player uses Techniques. If the player does not have sufficient TP, they cannot cast a Technique. While TP cannot recover on its own, TP can be restored with the use of any Fluid-type item or healing the party at a facility. Maximum TP can be raised by levelling up, which raises a character's overall stats, including TP.

Phantasy Star I is the only game in the series to use the MP stat, used to cast Magic. This is replaced in future installments by TP.

Phantasy Star Online/Zero

A character's TP is determined by his or her Mind Strength and/or any TP-boosting units that may be equipped. The blue TP bar is located underneath the HP bar in the top-left corner of the screen.

All techniques require a certain amount of TP to cast; the caster must have the required TP in the bar in order to cast the tech. Higher-level techniques require more TP to cast.

TP can be boosted via any method that boosts MST, or equipping units that boost TP alone. This is not recommended, however, as it is better to equip a unit that boosts MST in place of the TP-boosting unit. TP Materials are also available, though only in Challenge Mode.

Because androids have zero MST, they have zero TP.

Newmans will regenerate TP if they stand still; the regeneration rate increases as the character levels up.

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