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Support items are consumable items in Phantasy Star Online that assist the player in a variety of ways depending on the item. They are categorized into three groups as follows: recovery, which heal injuries or cure status ailments, material, which grant permanent stat boosts to player characters, and grinders, which permanently enhance the strength of weapons.

Furthermore, in the Phantasy Star universe, the general power of an item's recovery or enhancement value is denoted by its prefix. "Mono-" items tend to be the weakest, "Di-" are average, and "Tri-" are usually the strongest and, as a consequence, tend to be rarer and more expensive if they appear in shops.

Recovery items

Common items found in shops around Pioneer 2 and as monster drops. They are subcategorized into mates, fluids, atomizers, status recovery, and miscellaneous.


Single heal items that restore hit points.


Single heal items that restore technique points. Cannot be used by Androids.


Enhanced recovery items that cure a variety of unique status conditions.

Status Recovery

Items that cure certain status conditions.


  • Telepipe: creates a portal to Pioneer 2 from the field. Disappears when the player returns.
  • Trap Vision: grants human characters the ability to see hidden traps
  • Scape Doll: instantly revives the player when they fall in combat


Materials boost a character's maximum stats by 2, depending on the type used, and can be found after killing certain monsters as drops. In addition, there is a maximum usage limit depending on the type of material, therefore planning ahead of time to get the most benefit out of each material depending on the character's race and class is strongly recommended.


Grinders boost a weapon's level by a certain degree depending on the power of the grinder used. They will not exceed the weapon's level limit.

  • Monogrinder: boosts the weapon's level by +1
  • Digrinder: boosts the weapon's level by +2
  • Trigrinder: boosts the weapon's level by +3
Stackable items
Healing items: Monomate | Dimate | Trimate | Monofluid | Difluid | Trifluid | Star Atomizer
Status cure: Antidote | Antiparalysis | Sol Atomizer | Moon Atomizer | Cosmos Atomizer
Other: Telepipe | Trap Vision | Shiftaride | Debandride

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