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The Star Atomizer (Japanese: スターアトマイザー) is a powerful recovery item common to the Phantasy Star series. This rare item heals a huge amount of hit points to all allies. In the original series, it is called Star Mist or Star Dew.

Phantasy Star II

Star Mist is a very rare healing item that can only be obtained from Shir if she steals from the Tools Shop in Paseo. When used, the Star Mist restores all characters in the party to full health.

Phantasy Star III

Psiii item2.png

Star Mist is a very rare healing item that can be bought from the Cille Supply Shop in the first generation for an incredibly exorbitant price of 5600 Meseta, or found in chests in dungeons. The Star Mist heals all characters in the party to full health.

Phantasy Star IV

Star Dew is a very rare healing item that can be purchased for 10000 Meseta or found in dungeons. This item heals 128 HP to every humanoid party member. It has no effect on Android party members.

Phantasy Star Online

Star Atomizers are fairly rare and expensive healing items that can be used by any class. They act as an instant Resta of the highest degree; when used they instantly heal the user to maximum hitpoints, and will have the same effect on any other players (or even NPCs) nearby. Star Atomizers do not heal monsters; they will only heal hunters. You can often find Star Atomizers from the item the bosses drop.

Star Atomizers are often obtained as drops from boss monsters on low difficulties, such as Normal. They are uncommonly found in the item store on Pioneer II for a hefty price of 5,000 meseta apiece. Because of this they are often reserved for unusually difficult battles or added to the inventory as an extra layer of security, usually used as a last resort.

Be warned that, unlike other healing items, Star Atomizers CAN be used even if your character's HP is at full. This is because it can also be used to heal others.

Feeding a Star Atomizer to a Mag will generally result in all of the Mag's stats being boosted.

Phantasy Star Online 2

Star atomizer pso2id.png

The Star Atomizer is a common recovery item that can be purchased at the Item Shop. When activated, the user uncaps and throws a capsule that bursts into a restorative field that covers a wide area. All players in the area of effect recovers 50% of their maximum HP.

Feeding this item to a MAG will raise all of its ATK stats at the cost of DEX.

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