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Twinkle Shiny Fancy Phantasy Stars

Soleil -Dear Destiny- (それいゆ -Dear Destiny-) is a song performed by Haruko Momoi. It is the second ending theme to the anime series, Phantasy Star Online 2: Episode Oracle.


Reach out and you can almost grasp them
Twinkle Shiny Fancy Phantasy Stars
The shooting stars will carry the memories of that day

(Shining Stars)
But they will never reach us
(Shinign Stars)
They'll drift across the galaxy

Come, open your eyes, for a new world is waiting for you
So face it head on
Whoa a dazzling morning is on the way
Whoa I wanna find out my true strength
(So play it, all night long)

My dear destiny or fate
No matter the era
I'll show you I can fully enjoy it
My dear destiny or fate
Yearning for warmth, I think of you
But I'm going keep on living
Blown by the wind



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