Rysel is a town in Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom. It is a small town located aboard the Alisa III on the Aquatica dome. In the first generation, Rhys discovers that the city has suffered from a severe winter due in part to the Aridia climate control center going haywire.

General Information

Rysel is one of the first towns visited on the Aquatica dome and is home to a small fishing village rich in old folklore. One villager recounts a legend about an ancient Orakian fortress that once stood south of the village. Another recalls a tale about how the Alisa III inhabitants are the descendents to an ancient people that once sailed the stars before being forced to flee from the evil Dark Force.

Services available in this town include:

  • Church: Revival of fallen teammates and cures poison for a charge
  • Inn: Fully heals all allies and saves progress
  • Technique Distribution: Modify technique strength
Weapon shop Cost Armor shop Cost Tool shop Cost
Short Sword 260 Steel Armor 260 Monomate 10
Hunting Claw 280 Hunting Vest 179 Dimate 40
Hunting Staff 230 Hunting Chest 275 Antidote 10
Hunting Shot 600 Force Boots 400 Escapipe 50
Slicer 480 Royal Boots 3000
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