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Rupika (Japanese: ルピカ) is a FOnewearl from Phantasy Star Online. Although she briefly appears in the Episode I story, she does not get a prominent role until Episode IV.


Her first and only appearance in Episode I is in the Gran Squall quest. Bernie tells the player that he's looking for "a little lady" which happens to be an unconscious Rupika. She was on board the military vessel and went MIA sometime after the ship went missing. She is soon discovered alive, albeit somewhat battered from her experience. Bernie never explains why she was implanted with a microchip that tracks her position or any reason for why he was looking for her.

Other Appearances

Rupika in the Blue Burst manga

Rupika makes a major appearance in the comical Blue Burst manga that ran on the official website until the game's servers closed. In the 5th anniversary story arc, her soul gets temporarily devoured by the sand worm, Saint-Milion, but is saved thanks to the joint efforts of player characters across the servers, NPCs from the Hunter's Guild, and even assistance from Episode 3 characters such as Break and Sil'fer.

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