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Reverser is a Technique that appears in the Phantasy Star series. It restores a character from the Death status.

Phantasy Star Online

Reverser is a Force-only technique that can be learned with 150 MST and costs 10 TP to cast. When used it acts as a Moon Atomizer, reviving a nearby fallen ally and restoring his or her HP. The advantage of casting Reverser versus carrying Moon Atomizers is clear: at 10 TP, Reverser is very cost-effective given its usefulness, does not take up inventory space like Moon Atomizers do (except for the space required for fluids, but again, 10 TP is almost negligible for a higher-level Force), and Reverser will revive an ally to full health, as opposed to a Moon Atomizer, which only revives to 50% health.

Reverser disks are available as monster drops, can be found in boxes, or can be purchased from the Item Store on Pioneer II for 5,000 meseta, assuming the disk is in stock.

Reverser, like Ryuker, has no levels.

Phantasy Star Online 2

While the Technique "Reverser" no longer exists, the Techer class may learn a related skill known as Reverser Field, whose name is derived from the now-defunct Reverser Technic. The Reverser Field skill is an Active Skill similar in function to a Moon Atomizer, casting a field that revives all allies within its range.

Unlike a Moon Atomizer, Reverser Field can be extended to have a lasting duration and heal more HP. At Lv. 10, Reverser Field restores 100% of all players HP, and the field has an uptime of 15 seconds. However, this skill has a cooldown of 15 minutes without the use of the "Recast Reverser Field" Skill Ring, making it greatly impractical over Moon Atomizers.

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