Resta or res (Japanese: レスタ) is a basic healing technique common to Phantasy Star games.


Resta, a healing technique, could be derived from the word "rest," as in a brief respite in order to recover energy.

Phantasy Star series

Phantasy Star II

In Phantasy Star II, res costs 3 TP to cast. It restores 20 HP to a single ally.

Rolf, Nei, Amy, Hugh, and Shir are the only player characters who can use res. Nei and Amy already know res when they join the party. Both Rolf and Hugh learn res at level 8, and Shir learns res at level 12.

Phantasy Star IV

In Phantasy Star IV: The End of the Millennium, res costs 3 TP to cast. It restores an amount of HP equal to 16 plus the caster's mental stat to a single ally, but is not effective on android party members, or on defeated party members. It can be used in combat or out of combat.

Chaz, Hahn, Rika, Raja, and Kyra are the only player characters who can use res. All five already know res when they join the party.

Phantasy Star Online series

Phantasy Star Online

Resta is the basic healing technique in the game, and is available to all classes except for androids. When used, it heals the caster a certain number of hitpoints, depending on technique level and MST level. Starting at level 3, resta will heal any other player standing in its range; this range, along with amount healed, increases with technique level.

Resta is arguably the most widely used spell in the game. It is a much more efficient way, in terms of inventory capacity, to heal oneself. (When comparing carrying mates to carrying fluids, that is; multiple restas can be used per fluid, while each mate only heals once before being used up. TP is also easier to recover than mates are to restock, given that one could use a healing ring or a weapon with TP-stealing capabilities, or, if playing a newman, simply stand still.

FOmarls and FOnewearls get doubled range with resta, except in the Dreamcast versions.

Phantasy Star Online 2

Main article: Resta (Phantasy Star Online 2)

Resta is a healing technique in Phantasy Star Online 2. Only characters with force or techtor as their current class or sub-class can use techniques.

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