Renvolt Magashi

Renvolt from Phantasy Star Universe

The commanding officer of the RELICS Control Division of the Endrum Collective, a section of the Alliance Military Force charged with the investigation and protection of RELICS. He is not formally a military officer, so he has no official rank. Above all, he loves to fight, and as a mercenary soldier looking for a battle, he executes his missions for the Endrum Collective faithfully.


He is first encountered near the end of Chapter Three, guarding the entrance to the Relic site. He reconized Warren Daren and demanded that the scientist come to him. When he refused, Magashi activated nanobots that had been previously implanted in his body, killing him instantly. Enraged, Ethan almost attacked him, only to be stopped by Karren. She allowed him to take Daren's body back to base without protest.

His next appearence was when Taylor and his band of rouges hijacked a train carrying technology uncovered from the relic sites. Ethan, Hyuga, Karren, and Headmaster Nav fought the invaders back, but they still managed to make off with half the contents. Magishi was one of the officers that arrived to drive off the rouges. He then entered the train and amolished the group for their failure. When Ethan stood up to him, the irate officer nearly strangled him to death. He expressed hatred for the GUARDIANS and promised that Ethan's next failure would be his last before leaving.

Somehow he tracked down Tyler on Mootab. He went to the rouge in person offering to trade high-priced gems for the A-Photons Tyler had stolen. Magishi, however, had no interest in honoring the deal and activated several giant robots to destroy the base and all inside it, hoping to erase the evidence of his betrayal of the Alliance. While Ethan and the GUARDIANS tangled with the bots, Magishi evacuated the hideout, easily defeating Tonnio on the way.

Phantasy star portable 2


Renvolt Magashi in Phantasy Star portable 2.

Renvolt Magashi was the most powerful open mission boss of this series, on a quest called "Bladed Legacy", There is also a Tech-Mag modeled after him called "Magadoog", it's class is A.


He is also the boss of the sidestory mission "Crimson Warrior". He was been improved by [[Emilia Percival|Emilia

Magashi improved by Emilia Percival

Percival]] after fighting his memories.

Renvolt Magashi in the "Crimson Warrior"


Magishi, like many other CASTS living on the planet Puram, harbors a prejiduce against humans to a point that borders on murderous. He is extremly cold and willing to kill without a second thought, as when he killed Daren and nearly killed Ethan.