Positron Bolt Skill

Wren using Positron Bolt

Positron Bolt (Japanese: ポジトロンボルト), abbreviated PosiBolt, is a skill used by Wren in Phantasy Star IV: The End of the Millennium. According to Wren, it is a weapon unit used to attack space fortresses. A 10-second burst could even destroy artificial satellites like Zelan. It deals energy damage to all enemies equal to 240 plus Wren's strength stat, modified by each enemy's energy sensitivity and mental defense stat. Nearly all monsters are affected normally by energy damage, though dimensional demons are immune.

Positron Bolt can be combined with Chaz's Megid technique and Rune's Legeon skill in any order, with all three coming after Rika's Deban technique, to do a Destruction combo.

Wren can use Positron Bolt after it is found in Vahal Fortress.