Pollux is an antagonist in Phantasy Star Online Episode III C.A.R.D. Revolution. She appears exclusively in the Hunters main story penultimate quest, The Great Shadow. She and her sister Castor are clones of Chief Red's deceased daughters.



Pollux has the appearance of a teenager. She has blood red hair that obscures her lifeless, pale blue-gray eyes. On each cheek, there are three lines of red face paint. Although her card art appears calm, her game model depicts the girl with a semi-smile that, along with her posture, suggests either a naive girl or a sadistic monster. Pollux's body appears to have a black and white texture bespeckled with red circles of which is reminiscent of Dark Falz aberrations. Her right arm is very grossly mutated into a giant blade that she clumsily swings about as she attacks the protagonist. Attached to her stomach is what appears to be a grotesque, pulsating membrane.


Pollux has no dialogue in the game. From what can be deduced from her boss battle posture, she appears to have a laid back attitude as demonstrated in her lackadaisical rocking of her body and arms in an almost nonchalant and naive way.


In the Pioneer II government's bid for power, they officially sanctioned the Lab's research into bioweaponry by utilizing the mysterious Germ that was discovered on Ragol in AUW 3101. Seeing the potential for advanced bioweapons to assist the military, the lab cloned Chief Red's deceased daughters numerous times as fodder for its inhumane experiments that horrifically mutated their bodies into living weapons. Pollux and her sister Castor are some of the few that have been released following the discovery of the Great Shadow's location.

Pollux confronts the government's own Hunters, while Castor attacks the Arkz anti-government organization. No matter the scenario, both girls inevitably fall to the hero in battle.

Powers and abilities

Pollux card ingame low quality

Pollux is the penultimate final boss of the Hunters storyline. She begins the fight with a hefty 55 HP. This character can easily make chances of victory become bleak if she is not subdued in as few turns as possible and is arguably more difficult than her Arkz counterpart. Her armor allows her to negate any damage from attacks with strength less than 4.

Anti-Abnormality allows her to resist status effects, forcing Hunters to confront her directly with raw power. For each full turn that passes, Pollux becomes more powerful with her Ultimate AP Growth ability that grants her +1 additional AP each time, making her become a potentially very deadly threat if left unchecked.

Pollux's general strategy is usually attempting to slow down the protagonist or bind them in place so that she can get a few easy hits in. If enough time passes, she will be able to pierce through armor on top of having an outrageous amount of strength per hit. To counter this, it is a good idea to bring cards that can allow the character to attack from a distance or negate her AP bonuses. Weakness and AP Silence passives are good choices, as are the simple Mag, Plantain Huge Fan, and Twin Psychogun.

C.A.R.D. information

Pollux's boss card can be viewed below. Top colors are red and orange. The combo colors on the right of the card are blue, red, yellow, orange, and gray.

Card # Picture Resistance color Combo color left
Combo color right
Rarity HP AP Range
Name TP MV
N/A Pollux card art ▬▬▬▬
N/A +35 1 Range3a
0 2

———————————Multiple target attack

  • Anti-Abnormality
Prevents Abnormal Conditions: Acid, Drop, Freeze, Immobile, Paralysis, etc.
  • Ultimate AP Growth
Before each turn, this card gains 1 AP.
  • Weak Hit Block
During defense, this card blocks all attacks of 3 or less damage.
  • Timed Pierce
The Pierce effect of this card activates 8 turns after the first time this card was set on the field. A physical attack pierces any Guard Creature or equipped Item, directly inflicting damage to opponent Story Characters.


Pollux has only a single deck called Count to Death. Its contents are as follows:

Count to Death

Image Name Information
Pso ep3 bind Bind x1 Roll 3 or higher after a successful physical attack to paralyze the opponent for 4 turns. Able to move, but unable to attack while in paralysis condition. Hero/Dark/Item/Creature: O
Pso2 no way NO WAY Crack x3 After an attack, MV of the opponent Story Character will be set to 1 for 4 turns. (All equipped items equipped by a Hunters-side character will also be affected.) Inflicts no damage, regardless of AP or any Action card used or of the attacker.
Pso ep3 devil whim p Devil Whim P x3 This card produces various effects depending on the dice roll at the time of attack. 1 = Full heal to every Field Character on the field // 2 & 3 = AP Silence for 4 turns // 5 = Instant death
Pso ep3 dodge Dodge x3 Defensive action (HP +2)
Pso ep3 guard Guard x3 Defensive action (HP +4)
Pso ep3 heavy attack Heavy Attack x2 Offensive action (AP +5)
Pso ep3 heavyblow Heavy Blow x1 After an attack, AP of the opponent decreases to zero for 2 turns. The status returns to normal after 2 turns.
Pso ep3 independent Independent x2 Your team becomes immune to all effects from Assist Cards on the field while this card is on the field. Like other Assist Cards, it disappears when a second Assist Card is set. This effect occurs before any other Assist Card, regardless of when it was set.
Pso ep3 inflation Inflation x3 Using any card costs one more action point, but cost for basic actions that do not use cards such as normal attack or move remains the same.
Pso ep3 reduction Reduction x3 Receive 1/2 damage from physical attacks. Damage taken after half is rounded down (eg. half of 3 is 1 instead of 1.5 damage).
Pso ep3 skipmove Skip Move x1 The Move Phase of both parties will be skipped when this card is set.
Pso ep3 wall Wall x3 Team defensive action (HP +3)


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