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The Mirage Blast, an example of the release of Photon energy.

"The energy that forms the foundation of science and technology in the Gurhal System.

In Gurhal, planets and the surrounding space are rich with photons. Photon reactors capture these particles as a source of energy.

Photons resonate with spirit energy, and a photon reactor's output varies depending on the strength of that spirit energy."

Phantasy Star Portable 2 Description

Photons (Japanese: フォトン) are a recurring concept in the Phantasy Star series. They are typically a version of light energy that is used by the heroes and other "good" entities for a variety of uses.

Phantasy Star Universe

In the Phantasy Star Universe saga, Photons are a type of light particle that founded modern Gurhalian science. Photons exist across each and every part of the universe, floating as particles that can't otherwise be detected by normal human beings.

As the result of advancements of modern science, Photons are used as a pure energy source via machines that convert the Photons in the air into usable energy. The exact usages of Photons vary greatly, such as being used to power everyday devices for civilians, or used for fueling GUARDIANS weaponry.

Fearing the instability of Photon energy output, the Advanced Photons, commonly referred to as A-Photons, were developed. A-Photons have a much higher energy output than standard Photons, but have reasonable stability. They are created when Photons are processed and crystallized, generating A-Photon Crystals. A-Photon Crystals typically cannot be found in the wild, but are very rarely seen when Photons are subject to extreme natural conditions.

Phantasy Star Online 2

In the Phantasy Star Online 2 saga, Photons are a light particle that exists throughout nearly every corner of the universe, floating as particles. These particles are a natural light source visible to the human eye. They were originally discovered by a space colony known as Oracle, who traveled across the universe in search of planets for colonization. The people of Oracle harnessed the Photons to guide their path across the universe, and eventually began research on ways to utilize Photons, modernizing science. Those people who discovered Photons would eventually become known as the Photoners.

Photons were eventually discovered to be a powerful weapon against beings known as the Falspawn, mysterious creatures that appeared to follow Oracle across the universe, devastating everything they came across. Photons are the only particle that can permanently destroy Falspawn Particles. To defeat the Falspawn, the Photoners harnessed the Photons and used them in combat. The organization that they would later found, ARKS, uses Photon technology in all of its weaponry, although it is not explicitly necessary.

Photons, being a natural, clean energy resource, are now widely used by Oracle to power practically all aspects of life. Everything from civilian products such as vehicles and appliances to military grade products such as the outer coating of ARKS Ships and weapons are powered by Photons.

The only known planet to not possess Photons in any form is Machia, a desolate planet in a remote corner of the universe. In the distant past, the Photoners, seeking planets to colonize, attacked Machia with Photon weaponry, greatly damaging the planet. Those who lived on Machia developed the Gigantes, large beasts equipped with heavy weaponry, to defeat the Photoners. The Gigantes are equipped with unique valves that have the ability to convert Photons into an energy source known as Gran. As the result of the planet becoming encased by a supermassive Gigantes called "Nova", Photons no longer exist on Machia.


Phantasy Star Online

"In the world of PSO, all weaponry is powered by Photon energy. The effectiveness of a weapon used to attack an enemy will vary according to that weapon’s Photon efficiency level. Different types of enemies have different attributes and the amount of damage you can inflict on each type will vary according to the suitability of the weapon used to attack it. Also, the Photon efficiency of weapons will vary, even among weapons with the same name. To check the Photon efficiency of a weapon, select the weapon in question from the EQUIP or ITEMS menu under ITEM PACK on the main menu (see p. 21) and use Trigger L/R to toggle the right window to the screen shown here. Also, a weapon name will appear in green if it has a high Photon efficiency."
— PSO Ver. 1 manual description regarding Photon Efficiency

"I don't know if you're aware of this, but... Mags are intelligent. When a hunter equips a Mag, it recognizes him or her as its master. Some Mags are clever. They can protect or heal their masters! Moreover, some can do a lot of photon damage."
Elenor Camuel talking about Mags in Magnitude of Metal

"OK, we've got the data for this area, too. What? ...Oh, this machine? Doc was saying that it changes the nature of Photon energy...? Sorry, I don't know... I don't have enough info about that. Doc said most animals on Ragol are affected by one type of Photon."
— Elenor attempting to explain the nature of the test devices they are using to record data in Doc's Secret Plan

"Finished? All right. Guess what. The weapon you used was made using the data from the monsters on Ragol. Surprised? Ha, ha, ha. I found out that the Photon energy on Ragol is unusual. I thought about using the extraordinary power of Photons in weapons. So I created it. Amazing, huh? If you bring me some materials, I think I can make a weapon for you. Maybe next time. Now, your job is done. Please get your reward at the Guild counter."
Dr. Montague concluding Doc's Secret Plan quest

"Weapons are made using compressed Photon energy technology. This was made using the same procedure, but with another energy source. This Photon energy was drawn from the monsters living underground. Disturbing? Not at all! Ha, ha, ha."
— Dr. Montague explaining the process to create weapons out of monster materials

"She disappeared... What an amazing phenomenon. She seems to be reacting to something. I'm sensing something strange about the Photons in this area. Maybe it's the abnormal Photons? ... WORKS... Ha ha ha. Interesting. Very interesting, indeed."
— Dr. Montague intrigued upon seeing Elenor disappear in Soul of Steel

"I see. So, the abnormal Photons were emanating from the runes! That's the reason why the prediction was so far off. I can't believe I didn't see this!"
— Dr. Montague making an observation in Soul of Steel

"All security locks have been disengaged. You can enter the facility through the gate in the Central Control area. We're getting reports of abnormal Photon readings... On Gal Da Val Island. That's right! They're the same abnormal readings as those from the ruins under Ragol! This is a definite sign that somewhere in that area... There is a large number of D-cellular sub lifeforms. Please be careful. We're still continuing our analysis on the information... I will update you later.

The abnormal Photon readings indicate... A high concentration of D-cellular sub lifeforms somewhere in the vicinity. Please be careful."
Elly Person speaking to the player character in The Lab

"'Photon Camouflage' This new technology was developed by Pioneer 1. The camouflage won't make things completely invisible. But it will not be detected by radar. So it makes things tricky. However, if you look real carefully, you can detect them with your naked eye. Also, it seems that some traps were developed using this technology. So be careful when walking around."
— Cal defining Photon Camouflage in the Central Control Area

Phantasy Star Universe

"This is your photon wave communications device, also known as a "vision phone." It allows you to contact GUARDIANS Headquarters as well as your Guardian comrades."
Pete teaching Ethan Waber about his Guardians room in Chapter 2

"The Gurhal Faith worships the Holy Light. In other words, photons. Photons are the source of the billions of life forms that saturate our galaxy. Worshipers live every day to give thanks to the Holy Light. Well, that's the idea, anyway. The Divine Maiden must bear the burden of listening to the voices of the Holy Light. So they say."
— NPC in Clyez City, Chapter 2

"Photons really are convenient. The best thing about them is how they reflect your own spirit energy back at you. The more strength you assert, the strong the resulting energy is. It's truly the stuff of dreams. A-Photons, after all, were born from photons. That's why photons are the best!"
— NPC in Clyez City, Chapter 3

"From here on out, it's all about A-Photons! Unstable mystical energy photons... Pshaw! They're already yesterday's technology! I can't wait for a world full of A-Photon products!"
— NPC in Clyez City, Chapter 3

Dr. Dorsen: I have... I've made a terrible mistake!
Karen: What are you talking about??
Dr. Dorson: Here, take a look at this.
Karen: What is this?
Dr. Dorson: It's an A-Photon Reactor.
Karen: A-Photon Reactor?
Dr. Dorson: Yes, it draws Photons from the air and transforms it into A-Photon energy.
Hyuga: Aren't A-Photons supposed to be this great "new" energy source? How'd that get here?
Dr. Dorson: Don't you... It was here all along. But there's a bigger problem. This proves the relics were powered by A-Photon energy!
Hyuga: No! R-Really?!
Karen: Doctor... Earlier... You said you were an archaeologist. But how is it that you recognize this device?
Dr. Dorson: Because it is my job. My real job. I'm sorry for hiding this from you earlier. But believe me, it was necessary. My real name is Warren Daren, an A-Photon scientist. 20 years ago, a sphere identical to this one was brought before me. That's when I succeeded in producing the first A-Photon. I was so convinced that this new energy was the way of the future. But look at this device. A-Photons aren't the way of the future, but of the past! It had already been discovered centuries ago... Do you understand what this means? The ancient civilization that first developed A-Photons perished! And now, I... I have damned our own civilization to the same fate.
— Dr. Dorson's realization upon seeing the item a Svaltus was carrying, Chapter 3

Ethan: What are A-Photons, exactly?
Pete: A-Photons, or "Advanced Photon Energy", is a new form of energy created by the crystallization of copolymerized photon partials. It is said that the crystallized form doesn't occur naturally. Currently, the technology required for pure processing includes a very large-scale operation and a high level of skill.
Ethan: Uh... okay. What makes A-Photons different from regular photons?
Pete: Photon energy utilizes an individual's spirit energy as an intermediary in order to output energy in physical and mental form. TECHNICs are a good example of this. In contrast, A-Photon energy doesn't utilize spirit energy. It merely outputs an extremely high level of energy. That is why, for the past fifteen years, we've seen rapid technological advances in large machinery, such as spaceships, that require vast amounts of energy. What's more...
Ethan: ...
Pete: Ethan?
Ethan: I'm sorry. My mind was wandering. So basically... What you're saying is... A-Photons are a new form of energy made from photons. Is that it?
Pete: Yes, that's close enough. When A-Photons were found within the RELICS, it was a major discovery. It means that the most cutting edge energy technology we have today was used thousands of years ago at the RELICS sites. In addition, they were much more compact and high yielding than what we have today.
Ethan: Yeah, but then... What happened to the ancient civilization?
Pete: We don't know. But ever since the SEED first fell... RELICS have been discovered with an increasing frequency. Thus, one cannot deny there must be a connection between the SEED and RELICS.
— Pete explaining A-Photons to Ethan Waber in Chapter 4

"The Gurhal Faith is the most widely adopted religion in the system. It's major belief is that the elementary particle "photon" or "Holy Light" is the source of all things and all events we experience. It is taught that the "Holy Light" guides us in our everyday lives."
— Pete briefly explaining the Gurhal Faith to Ethan Waber in Chapter 5