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Hello, and welcome to the Phantasy Star Wiki! Please take a moment to read through our guidelines. In order to contribute to our site, you must accept the rules below. As we operate under the Fandom network, you must also agree to abide by Fandom's Community Creation Policy and Terms of Use.

Who We Are

The Phantasy Star Wiki is intended to collect information on the Phantasy Star series of video games published by SEGA. The wiki will archive information across the entire franchise, beginning with the original Japanese Role-Playing classics to the modern Online Action Role-Playing games. The wiki will serve as a glossary of common game terms, a database of the enemies, items, characters and locations each episode/installment features. It will also function as a guide to mission progression and an outline of the various stories and side-stories each game tells.

Terms of Use

First and foremost, the act of joining a community to archive knowledge should be done for the benefit of all readers. The wiki is meant to be a public space to have fun and share knowledge with like-minded fans on a subject we are passionate about.

By joining our community, you acknowledge that you are responsible for all action taken under your account. If you receive disciplinary action up to and including a ban, you accept that you were at fault for breaking a rule or rules that led to the punishment received. Excuses will not be tolerated. If your account was hacked, contact Fandom support at Special:Contact.

General Rules

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  • Respect each other.
    • Treat others as you would like to be treated. Everyone has to start somewhere and editing a wiki is no exception. Mistakes will be made in the learning process, and we would like everyone to try to assume that editors are acting in good faith for the benefit of everybody by adding their knowledge.
  • Remain civil.
    • If tensions escalate, contact an admin.
  • Do not edit other users' profiles.
  • Do not harass, stalk or bully other users.
    • This includes following users from another wiki to this wiki and posting on their talk page about outside affairs that do not concern their use or time on the Phantasy Star Wiki.
  • Do not vandalize.
  • Do not spam.
  • Absolutely do not create sockpuppet accounts or alts, especially to circumvent a ban. Sockpuppets and alts (with exception of bots that are approved and not used maliciously) will result in an instant ban. Report any users immediately to an admin.
  • Do not advertise.
    • So you have another wiki/website/community with relevant information? Great! Please do not advertise it here. If you are unsure what constitutes an advertisement or would like to affiliate with us, leave a message on an admin's talk page.
  • Do not feed the trolls.
    • Report them to an admin and we will take care of the rest.
  • If you have any questions or need help editing, please visit an admin's talk page and leave a message. We will be happy to help!
  • Admins will be responsible for issuing warnings and bans, and will act in accordance with the Phantasy Star Wiki's policy.
    • Any non-admin users attempting to take matters into their own hands will be given disciplinary action up to and including a ban.
  • Do not remove warnings issued by admins on your talk page. This will result in either a more severe warning or a ban.

Editing Rules

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  • Make an effort to use proper grammar.
  • Avoid speculation or theories in articles.
    • If you are interested in discussing lore, use the article's talk page or create a post on the Discussion Portal.
  • The Phantasy Star Wiki conforms to localized naming conventions of people, places, things, locations, etc. for the Phantasy Star franchise when applicable. Fan translations are not official and will not be used unless there currently does not exist any officially translated game content (Phantasy Star Gaiden, Phantasy Star Nova, etc.).
    • Exception: discussing content that has been translated different ways across different games.
      • Example: Phantasy Star III changed not only the names of main characters but also certain event dates and locations. This potentially means that the canon information will be different based on the regional version discussed. In this case, as long as a disclaimer is added to explain which version of the canon is in question, both can be commented on. However, this information must be clearly stated somewhere on the page in question so as not to cause confusion.
    • In cases where a game is officially localized several years after the game's original release, fan translation names will be changed to conform to the new localized text so as not to confuse readers.
  • Publish pages about official content from Phantasy Star video games and merchandise.
    • Crossover content is allowed as long as the subject has appeared somewhere within the official Phantasy Star franchise.
    • Fan content stemming from fan games, fan fiction, and other unofficial sources is not allowed and will be deleted upon discovery.
  • Make an effort to publish pages with a sizable amount of content written. Pages with little to no information may be deleted, but they can always be remade later when more information is appropriately provided.
  • Add references where possible to cite the source of your information.
    • Use the talk page to discuss possible discrepancies in the accuracy of information posted. When information is disputed, it is always safe to include a reference of where that information was found so that others can look it up and verify its authenticity.
    • Do not start an edit war. This may result in disciplinary action up to and including a ban. Contact an admin if tensions escalate.
  • The Phantasy Star Wiki does not condone piracy or plagiarism of any kind. Offending pages will be flagged for a complete rewrite upon discovery.
  • Fan art is not allowed on any wiki pages.
    • While fan art is great to bolster interest in a community, we will only allow it if the user puts the art on their talk page and if the fan art in question was created by the user who uploaded it. Fan art of any kind is not allowed on pages about the official video games and it will be deleted immediately upon being discovered. Watermarks from official video game news websites such as 4gamer or IGN are allowed since they were given permission to publish previews of the latest games by the developers themselves. However, please limit the amount of these images to a minimum.

Talk Page Rules

  • Keep it civil. Remember that we are here to have fun and enjoy the company of like-minded fans.
  • No name-calling, vulgar language, and other crude remarks.
  • If someone starts an argument, do not add fuel to the fire. Contact an admin and we will handle it.
  • Add your signature (with timestamp) to the end of your message. This can be done by writing "~~~~" without the quotation marks. Not signing your messages can lead to confusion as to who is saying what and when in the discussion if enough participants are chatting together.

Warning & Ban Guidelines

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So you've broken a rule or rules on the wiki. This has earned you a warning. What does this mean?

Admins will administer warnings to editors that do not follow the policies listed on this page. These will be posted on the user's talk page stating such. Generally speaking, accumulating three warnings will then result in a ban upon committing the fourth offense from the wiki. The exception to this is vandalism, spam, and sockpuppeting which will result in an instant ban.

So you've broken the rules several times and you have now earned yourself a ban. How long will the ban last?

  • First offense: Warning
  • Second offense: Warning
  • Third offense: Final warning
  • Fourth offense: 1 month ban
  • Fifth offense: 3 month ban
  • Sixth offense: Indefinite ban

Please note that bans will be issued by admins at their own discretion depending on the severity of the offense in question. These are taken on a case-by-case basis. In certain situations, the admin may need to administer a heavier punishment depending on the user's actions.