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Phantasy Star Online 2
~Project Dream Arks!~
Dream arks cover
Published by: Frontier Works
Released: July 24, 2013
Length: N/A

Phantasy Star Online 2 ~Project Dream Arks!~ (Japanese: 「ファンタシースターオンライン2」 ~Project ドリームアークス!~) is a drama CD released on July 24, 2013. It follows the adventures of Zeno, Afin and Echo as they interview various ARKS members, as well as some citizens working aboard the ARKS Ship.


Character Performer
Zeno Ryohei Kimura
Echo Yoko Hikasa
Afin / Ohza Hiro Shimono
Regias / Jean Yosuke Akimoto
Koffie / Franka Aoi Yuki
Marlu / Melitta Mai Kadowaki
Lisa / Noemi Kana Hanazawa
Tea / Three Naura Sisters Yuka Iguchi
Patty Kana Asumi
Philia Kana Ueda


Dreamarks pre

Preproduction ad from the PSO2 Premium Package Vol.2

Included with the CD are item codes which can be redeemed for ingame items in Phantasy Star Online 2 via the visiphone. The items include:
  • Player character voice change tickets
    1. Male [EX] Voice B01
    2. Male [EX] Voice B02
    3. Male C [EX] Voice B01
    4. Male C [EX] Voice B02
    5. Female [EX] Voice B01
    6. Female C [EX] Voice B02
  • Room decorations
    1. Dream Arks Poster
    2. Jukebox
  • VD「人選ミス」 (My Room music disc)

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