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Phantasy Star Online 2: Episode Oracle (Japanese: ファンタシースターオンライン2 エピソード・オラクル) is an anime adaptation of 2012's free-to-play online RPG, Phantasy Star Online 2. The series premiered on Japanese television networks on October 7, 2019. Funimation acquired the rights to simulcast the episodes with English subtitles to the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Ireland audiences on the same day of Japan's premier date. New episodes can only be viewed on the day of release through their paid streaming service, FunimationNow, however the general public can watch episodes for free a week after release.

The series restructures the official story told from Phantasy Star Online 2 Episodes 1, 2, and 3.

Story Synopsis

Story synop eporacle from jp site.jpg

The colony fleet called Oracle travels space in search of a habitable planet. The odyssey is organized by a large explorer organization called ARKS, whom are intent on seeking out and destroying the evil and destructive abominations that lurk the stars known as Falspawn (Darkers in the original Japanese version) so that the universe may someday realize peace.

Ash, a young cadet in the ARKS organization, becomes entangled one day in a situation during his graduation ceremony that would later decide the fate of Oracle and the very universe itself.

Episode List

No. Episode title Air date
1 I've Been Waiting for this Day
October 7, 2019

On his first day as a member of ARKS, Ash, a man on a journey of self-discovery plagued by a recurring dream of a woman that speaks of fate, is recruited into the Oribe Unit where he meets a fellow comrade named Afin, whom insists on calling him "partner." The two find themselves in a dangerous situation when the unit is ambushed by Falspawn and slaughtered. Able to escape with the help of experienced ARKS members, Zeno and Echo, the group comes across a mysterious white-haired maiden and an even more mysterious masked man intent on killing her.

2 Eerie Naverius
October 14, 2019

Following the previous episode's events, Ash and Afin head to the medical center to visit Matoi, the white-haired girl they saved whom is now awake and feeling better but still cannot recall anything from her past (much less explain why she was on Naverius that day). The three are later recruited into a mission to traverse the forest planet with Commander Kohana in order to locate Falspawn in the area and eradicate them. Upon defeating several in such a short time, the F-Factor particles become too much for Kohana to handle and she goes berserk. With more mysteries brewing than answers, the rookies begin to see another side to the heroic ARKS.

3 Perfect ARKS
October 21, 2019

A commotion in the early hours of the morning leads Ash into a fiery battle against Dark Ragne, an imposing spider-like Falspawn, and an even fiercer warrior in the form of a small girl named Klariskrays. Ash learns the history of the Council of Six and their epic battle that took place on Naverius against Dark Falz forty years ago, however, he soon discovers that not everything he was taught was entirely accurate. The facade of the perfect ARKS is collapsing as more and more of the organization's dark past begins to affect innocent bystanders, starting with the disappearance of several ARKS members on Naverius.

4 The Starting Weapon
October 28, 2019

After saving Matoi from the grave monument, Ash is shown a vision from Xion about the key to a new event: the Starting Weapon, a staff which is hidden within a cave in the frozen tundra of Naverius. On his journey, Ash meets a fresh assortment of characters associated with the ARKS. Ulku, a waitress at Franka's Cafe, is eager to prove herself as a future trainee despite lacking photon aptitude. Her childhood friend, Theodor, in contrast proves to be a talented yet meek Force with questionable opinions. Ash and Afin then suddenly find themselves caught in the thick of an epic battle on Naverius' snowy wastelands where they finally come face-to-face with the creature spoken of in rumors, the rampaging dragon named Haddred.

5 Falspawn Full Assault
November 4, 2019

Falspawn have appeared on Ship 128, Themis and the ARKS are ordered to go the ship to help out. As Ash and Afin proceed to defeat the Falspawn, they cross paths with Huey, the number six on the Council of Six, and Klariskrays. Meanwhile, Matoi goes to Themis as well as part of the medical team to help the injured. Ash approaches the masked man, who still incessantly commands him to kill Matoi, before going with Zeno and Ulku to Zone C9 for backup where the battle against the Falspawn rages on.

6 The Beginning of the End
November 11, 2019

The battle on Ship 128, Themis is over. Ash asks Afin to take care of Theodor while Ash speaks with Xion. Deciding to check up on Matoi, Ash visits the medical center along with Zeno and Echo who want to see her as well. However, their reunion doesn't last long when Gettemhult breaks into the place and knocks Ash, Zeno and Echo out, kidnapping Matoi in the process. When Ash comes to, he tells Zeno that Gettemhult took Matoi away and suspects that he is going to Naverius. The trio follow Gettemhult to Naverius and meet up with Casra, a member of the Council of Six, to stop Gettemhult.

7 Dark Falz
November 18, 2019

Dark Falz Elder attacks the ARKS ships and Regius orders everyone to fight back. Unfortunately for them, Elder is slowly breaking through their defense. Ash and Echo arrive back on the ship while Matoi and Melfonseana are taken to the medical center. Echo orders Ash to go to his station to take his defensive position and Ash does so, reuniting with Afin. The duo defend against the Falspawn but are forced to return to the medical center when Falspawn start to appear there, as well. Matoi wakes up and is rescued by Maria before Ash and Afin arrive. Meanwhile, Luther contacts Regius and tells him to release the photons that have been stored in the Mothership to obliterate Dark Falz. While Regius isn't keen on his plan, he sees no other option and orders to execute it even if it means to make sacrifices.

8 I'm No Longer There
November 25, 2019

In the aftermath of the battle against Dark Falz Elder, ARKS is mourning the people that have fallen in combat. Ash and Echo are called by Casra, who survived his meeting with Elder, but tells them that Zeno is still missing. Putting on a brave face, Echo assures the two that Zeno will be fine and will return but breaks down when she is alone, not sure herself if he will come back. Ash is approached by Sarah but their reunion is cut short when Ash sees Matoi chasing Melfonseana, who ran away. He follows Melfonseana to Naverius where she tells him what she remembers about the incident from ten years ago.

9 Assassin and Rampaging Dragon
December 2, 2019

Returning from Naverius, Melrandia is taken into custody by Casra. After speaking to Matoi about what happened, Pati and Tia run to Ash and tell him that Echo hasn't returned from Naverius when the search for Zeno has been called off. Ash goes to Naverius and finds Echo at the same place where Dark Falz Elder revived. He tells her not to push herself and to go back to the ship while he searches for Zeno in her place. He stumbles across an old facility and meets an old man who tells him about the rampaging dragon, Haddred. Receiving a message to support two ARKS, Ash goes to the destination and defeats the Falspawn but the two ARKS go berserk because of the F-Factor. Seeing them going berserk, the mysterious woman Ash met some time ago appears and proceeds to kill the two ARKS.

10 A Final Goodbye
December 9, 2019

A young Quna and Haddred hang out together somewhere in a forest and Haddred wants Quna to sing a song. Jumping back to the present, Ash and Quna are still in the destroyed facility while the old man exclaims that Quna should have been the one to undergo the experiment instead of Haddred, which caused him to go berserk. The old man tries to find a way to still complete that experiment but ulimately just angers Quna, claiming that they aren't just test subjects, and leaves. The next day, Casra visits Ash and Quna to tell about Haddred's whereabouts. Going back to the place they used to hang out when they were younger, Quna proceeds to sing a song to lure Haddred out to finish her job and cease his suffering.

11 Change
December 16, 2019

Ash meets a new girl, named Io, but he is surprised that she is part of race he doesn't know about, Deuman. Ash meets Xion and she reveals that the new race exists because a spatial distortion that happened when Haddred died. Matoi joins the two and Ash is surprised that she can see Xion too. A new planet has been discovered, and Ash and Afin go to the planet where they meet up with Echo, who has changed her class to Hunter. When Falspawn suddenly appear, Ash moves in for the kill but Theodor beats him to it. Seeing Theodor's power, Luther takes Theodor away while Sarah approaches Ash and asks him to go with her to meet someone.

12 The Past and Future
December 23, 2019

Ash is working out in his room when he is contacted by Sarah to meet her on Wopal. Ash arrives and the duo go to a sea cavern, trying to find a research lab that hasn't been destroyed yet. They manage to find one and Sarah looks through the data while Ash has a conversation with Xiao about Luther. Sarah transfers the data just in time before the research lab starts falling apart when Luther and Theodor come and destroy the place. After their little adventure, Ash returns back to the ship and is contacted by Xion.

12.5 Xiao's Report
December 30, 2019

A report made by Xiao who talks about the adventures Ash has had and the people he met on his way so far.

13 Code ABYSS
January 6, 2020

Ash returns from his trip to the past where he saved Ulku from her initial fate but while he was away, a rumor has been going around in the ARKS. Everyone has been called back to the ships due to an emergency order and Ash notices everyone's strange behaviour towards him, finding out that the rumor is about him. He is approached by Matoi who is worried about him because of the rumor when Xion appears and asks them to go to the heart of the mothership to help her. However, when they arrive there, Regius makes an announcement where he announces that Ash is a traitor and orders every ARKS member to locate and exterminate him by using Code ABYSS.

14 Council of Six
January 13, 2020

Ash and Matoi continue their journey to the heart of the mothership while the ARKS see them as the enemy. Spotting Maria on their way, they approach her carefully but she makes it clear that she is on their side. Huey and Echo join them and they all go towards their destination but the uneven numbers of the Council of Six stop them in their tracks. In order to reach their goal, they have to face off against the other members of the Council of Six and defeat them.

15 Day of Resurrection
Januray 20, 2020

Ash, Matoi and the Council of Six fight against the Klariskrays clones which were made by Luther. While the Council of Six hold them off, Ash and Matoi continue their way to save Xion but standing in their way is Theodor. Ash fights against him and tells him that Ulku is alive but Theodor doesn't believe him and overpowers Ash. Before Theodor is able to finish Ash off, Sarah arrives with Ulku who stops him. Leaving the trio behind, Ash and Matoi continue their quest to save Xion from Luther.

16 The End of Eternal Domination
January 27, 2020

Luther has become a Dark Falz and he easily overpowers Ash and Matoi. Before he is able to finish them off, the Council of Six (except for Klariskrays) and Quna come to their aid and battle Luther. Luther tries to get Regius to his side by using Alma but he angers Regius instead who defeats him by using World Ender Yonohate. The ship starts to fall apart and everyone retreats but not before Ash, Matoi, Regius and Maria see Dark Falz Gemini eating Luther and using clones of him to stop them. They successfully retreat and the ship gets destroyed. With the threat gone, ARKS go back to their regular duties but not for long.

17 Me 10 Years Ago
February 3, 2020

Following the events that happened on Lillipa, Ash is contacted by Xiao and tells him that he doesn't know who Matoi exactly is since he has no data on her and can't find her in Xion's memories, meaning that every trace of her has been erased. He also mentions that some events during the incident ten years ago have been erased as well where Ash himself might be involved in. Ash decides to go back in time to see the events that took place and arrives on Naverius, immediately surrounded by Falspawn. He is saved by the Klariskrays of that time, someone he knows very well, and digs further into the past to discover the truth.

18 The Reason for My Birth
February 10, 2020

Falspawn have appeared on one of the ARKS ships and start to attack civilians. Ash goes to the ship and defeats some Falspawn when he meets Zeno and Gettemhult, who asks if he has seen Melrandia who is missing. Somewhere else, Melrandia is hiding from Dark Falz Apprentice and meets a red-haired girl who hides with her. Melrandia escapes but the red-haired girl stays behind to distract Apprentice. Before Apprentice is able to finish the girl off, Klariskrays saves her, giving Clarissa to her to let her escape, and proceeds to battle Apprentice. Ash retrieves Clarissa from the girl and hurries to where Klariskrays is.

19 Deleted Records, Remaining Memories
February 17, 2020

After his journey to the past, Ash arrives back in his room where Xiao is waiting for him. Ash is concerned about Matoi but Xiao reminds him that it happened ten years ago and says that they no longer can go back to that time. However, Xiao is worried about Matoi because of the events that happened and explains what The Profound Darkness is. Ash wants to find out more and goes to Casra, who's talking with Quna. Meanwhile Afin is searching for some information about his sister who disappeared during the events from ten years ago.

20 Rewrite History, Devour the Present
February 24, 2020

Many Falspawn are attacking on Lillipa and ARKS go to the battlefield to battle them. Ash, Afin, Matoi and Melfonseana go to Lillipa to assist with Ash ignoring Xiao who asked Ash to let Matoi stay on the ship because of what happened to her ten years ago. Klariskrays is killing some Falspawn on her own while Sarah is watching her. Ash, Afin, Matoi and Melfonseana go to their next destination to battle the Falspawn when Afin sees Dark Falz Apprentice and goes to her to bring his sister back.

21 Sarah and Klariskrays
March 2, 2020

Ash and Matoi are watching Afin and Euclyta who are being examined by the medical team and Ash wants Matoi to get checked up as well. Meanwhile, Sarah and Maria are on Lillipa when they meet Huey and Klariskrays but upon seeing Klariskrays, Sarah quickly leaves the scene. Back on the ship, Xiao appears in Ash's room and talks about Matoi's situation. Ash and Matoi visit Afin and when they leave the medical center, Sarah meets the duo on accident and calls Matoi "onee-chan". However, she quickly runs away and Ash runs after her but instead of finding her, Maria appears before him who tells him about Sarah's past.

22 What the Photoners Created
March 9, 2020

Persona reveals his identity to Ash and Xiao, which shocks them greatly, and gives Ash one final warning to kill Matoi before it's too late. Persona tells Ash that he is the only one who can save Matoi before he teleports away. After their meeting with Persona, Xiao has an idea to prevent their inevitable future, to complete erase the photon abilities of Ash and Matoi, however, that means that they will be no longer a part of ARKS. Thinking about Xiao's offer, Ash isn't sure what he should do and goes to Euclyta for some help when Matoi and Afin joins them. Ash grabs Matoi, leaving the medical center, and tells her that he wants her to resign when suddenly the medical center gets attacked.

23 Failure's Greatest Masterpiece
March 16, 2020

Afin and Io make it out of the medical center with Euclyta and Casra arrives on the ship as well, wanting to evacuate everyone from the ship. Meanwhile, Ash and Matoi are still stuck inside Dark Falz Gemini and Luther reveals that he is the one who created Ash. Ash is devastated by the news but Matoi cheers him up by saying that's important how he lives his life, not who created him. The two then make it out of Gemini and proceed to battle the Dark Falz twins.

24 Profound Darkness
March 23, 2020

Matoi has transformed into The Profound Darkness and Regius orders the ARKS Ships to attack it. Furthermore, he orders all ARKS to search for Matoi and to exterminate her on sight much to Ash's shock. Not agreeing with the plan, Ash and Sarah go to Xiao and Xiao says that Ash will be viewed as an enemy if he doesn't obey the order. Ash leaves and despite what he has said, Xiao sheds some tears and hopes Ash will find a way to save Matoi.

25 The Reason for Your Birth
March 30, 2020

The battle to save Matoi continues and Xiao informs the Council of Six one more time about the temporary barrier they need to form to seal The Profound Darkness. Ash and Afin make their way to the grave monument when many Falspawn, including some Dark Falz, appear to stop them and the Council of Six. With the help of all ARKS and friends, the Council of Six maintain the barrier and Ash arrives at the grave monument where Matoi is waiting for him. Knowing that everyone is counting on him, Ash is determined to save Matoi from the Profound Darkness.


The anime series, Phantasy Star Online 2: Episode Oracle, was announced in PSO2 Station #29 on March 10, 2019 and at that time was scheduled to premier sometime in October 2019.[1][2][3] Funimation simulcast the series in English on their streaming service on the same day it premiered in Japan on October 7, 2019 for the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Ireland audiences.[4]

The series restructures the official story told from Phantasy Star Online 2 Episodes 1, 2, and 3.[1][2] Information revealed at the Phantasy Star Thanksgiving Day 2019 held at the Kobe Convention Center on July 14, 2019 stated that the series will have 25 episodes[5] and the main character, Ash, will be voiced by Daisuke Ono.[6] The voice actors for other major characters from the video game Phantasy Star Online 2 will reprise their roles for the TV series.[7][3]


PSO2: EPO promotional cards

Phantasy Star Online 2 Trading Card Game

A special collaboration with the then-ongoing collectible card game, Phantasy Star Online 2 Trading Card Game, added the Episode Oracle Pack. It was released on Saturday, December 21, 2019. Upon purchasing the box set, customers received a half deck, booster packs, and a lobby action called "Summon" that was redeemable in Phantasy Star Online 2. Additionally, promotional variants of specific cards with artwork that resembles the images in the ending song, Timeless Fortune, were included in the box set.

Booster packs were also available for purchase that yielded cards with base artwork resembling frames from the anime.

MJ Series

PSO2: EPO x MJ Series

Starting from February 24 through March 15, 2020, Sega's online mahjong game, MJ Series, hosted a collaboration event featuring characters from Phantasy Star Online 2: Episode Oracle in the app and arcade versions of MJ mahjong. During this time, players were awarded SP characters and table backgrounds for participating in qualifying matches. Additionally, the game held a PSO2: Episode Oracle gacha during the same time with the chance to win additional SP characters or a unique background.

PSO2: EPO x Princess Cafe

Princess Cafe

Teaming up with the Princess Cafe during select dates in March and April 2020, the cafe's interior decor resembled the world of Phantasy Star Online 2: Episode Oracle. The eatery offered a special collaboration menu and exclusive retail goods for a limited time in the Fukuoka, Ikebukuro, and Osaka branches.


Japanese Releases

The original Japanese releases included item codes that were redeemable in the Japanese version of Phantasy Star Online 2 for unique in-game items. DVDs are differentiated from the Blue-Ray releases by having the DVD Video logo in the top right corner of the box art.

Japanese Limited Edition

As a first press bonus, copies of the sixth volume came with an empty collector's box designed to hold the entire anime series. The episodes themselves are contained within nine individually printed volumes that are sold separately. Copies of the ninth volume included a bonus pack-in booklet that contains an interview with Daisuke Ono, the voice actor of the character Ash.




MJ Series

Princess Cafe



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