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Phantasy Star Online
Series: Phantasy Star Online
Released: 2000
Platform(s): Sega Dreamcast, Windows PC
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Phantasy Star Online is a game released in 2000 for the Sega Dreamcast. The game is a reboot with no cannonical ties to the original series outside of some items, techniques, and enemies. Unlike previous games, which were turn-based RPGs, the game was a hack n' slash MMORPG. Upon release, it was met with very positive results and became a fan favorite.


As a planet slowly dies, its inhabitants attempt to escape to other planets. One of these planets is Ragol, a green planet lush with fertile land and relativly harmless wildlife. A ship of pilgrims called Pioneer I is sent over and sets up a new society.

Seven years later, a second ship named Pioneer II is on it's way, carrying 30,000 new citizens. Just as they enter into proximity however, a giant explosion rips out of the Central Dome and communication with Pioneer I is lost. Worried about the fate of the colony, Principal Tyrell sends an elite hunter to the surfuce to find out the situation. He is also worried for his daughter, a hunter/scientist who was on Pioneer I known as Red Ring Rico.

While exploring the planet's surface, the hunter finds that the colony is totally deserted save for a giant dragon, and that the wildlife have mutated into gigantic killer monsters. They also come into contact with several message pods created by Rico. Along with providing the player with info on the various threats, she also provides backstory. While hiding from the biomonsters, she finds several monuments that were crafted centuries ago and estimates that an anicient civilization once lived on Ragol.

It turns out that a monster living in the caves is responsible for mutating the wildlife. It is subsequently killed by the hunter, who then discovers the existence of a deep underground mine. The mine was created by the government of Pioneer I to explore what appeared to be underground ruins.

The last of Rico's logs reveal that the anicient civilization had never existed on Ragol and that the ruins were actually a gigantic spaceship. It turns out that the ship is a gigantic casket for an unspeakable evil being called Dark Falz. It was sealed inside the spaceship by some other civilization and was abandoned on Ragol a thousand years ago. Now, however, it had revived and was bent on destroying the colony. However, in order to regain its power, it had to possess a human, as it was only a consciousness.

After penetrating the deepest interiors of the ship, the hunter came across a gigantic monilith. It spews ton of dark creatures before Dark Falz reveals itself. The dark creature had revived itself using the body of Rico. The game ends after the player finds and destroys Dark Falz.





Starting out from Pioneer II in orbit around Ragol, each area of the planet must be explorer before the next area can be reached.

Quests are listed on each area's page.


Character Classes

Non-Playable Characters


Items drop from monsters or crates display on the game screen as yellow diamonds for meseta, orange boxes for weapons, blue boxes for armour, and green boxes for other items. Special rare items drops display as red boxes on screen.


Main article: Weapons in Phantasy Star Online Episode I

There are many different types of weapons in Phantasy Star Online, with more being added in the 2nd and 4th episodes. Each type of weapon is most suited to one particular character class, although there is some overlap with certain weapons.

Hunter Weapons

Ranger Weapons

Force Weapons


Other Items


Techniques are similarly named to techniques in the Original series, but are learned and upgraded with disks found on Ragol, rather than as a character goes up levels.


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