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Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom

Series: Original Series
Released: 1990
Platform(s): Sega Genesis
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Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom (Japanese: 時の継承者 ファンタシースターIII, "Successors of Time: Phantasy Star III") is an RPG originally released in 1990 for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive console and was re-released first on the Sega Saturn console in 1998 in the compilation, Phantasy Star Collection, and again in 2002 for the Game Boy Advance handheld system in a compilation of the same name as the one for the Sega Saturn.

It is the third game of the original series. Events in the game span three generations of the descendants of survivors from Palma.

Story Synopsis

Psiii prologue
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The game begins in the city-state of Landen just before the marriage of Prince Rhys and the mysterious Lady Maia, who had washed up on the shores two months prior. Just as the vows were to be read, the bride was kidnapped by a flying dragon-like Layan spouting, "Filthy Orakian! Maia will not be yours!" before disappearing with the lovely princess to be.

Prince Rhys, beside himself with grief and anger begins to set off with an army to find his bride and to destroy all of the last remaining Layan descendants but is soon stopped by his father, the king, and is told to cool his heels in the dungeon beneath the castle. He is soon let free though by Lena who wishes him well on his journey to find his bride.

Throughout Rhys's quest to find his fiancé, he finds relics of the legendary war and makes alliances with strange bedfellows and old friends. His progeny take the story from after he finds Maia and soon realize that the world in which they live and history itself isn't what it appears to be.





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First Generation

Name Picture Icon Bloodline Techniques Information
Rhys Rhysface Rhys Orakian


Rhys is the Prince of Landen and direct decendant of Orakio. He finds a girl on the beach who has amnesia. Giving up his already arranged marriage, he decides to marry this girl... but then a dragon kidnaps her.
Mieu Mieuface Mieu Cyborg



This female cyborg was once commanded by Orakio himself. After the war ended, there was no use for Mieu. 1,000 years later, Rhys finds her by the northeast forest and she is once again in the service of an Orakian.
Wren Wrenface Wren Cyborg



This male cyborg was also commanded by Orakio. Unlike Mieu, Wren cyborgs, with the right parts, can transform into different vehicles. He can also fix the machines at the Control Tower.
Lyle Lyleface Lyle Layan Melee Lyle is the Prince of Shusoran, a kingdom in Aquatica. Lyle is known as the Dragon Knight of Shusoran, which is a mystery until the 2nd generation (Ayn's generation). There is more to this Dragon Prince than we think.
Lena Lenaface Lena Orakian N/A Princess of the Kingdom of Satera. The unknown story behind her was that she was Rhys' bride to be (to unite Satera and Landen) before Rhys met Maia. Lena still manages to put that aside to help Rhys in his adventure.
Maia Maiaface N/A Layan N/A Maia was found washed up on the shores near Landen by Rhys. She had no memory of what she was like or where she was from. On their wedding day, Maia is captured by a Layan dragon and hoisted away to her real home where she is the Princess of Cille

Second Generation

Name Picture Icon Bloodline Techniques Information
Ayn Aynface large N/A

1/2 Layan

Ayn is the son of Rhys and Maia.
Thea Theaface large N/A Layan Healing
Sari Sariface large N/A Orakian N/A Daughter of Lena, Father unknown
Siren Sirenface large N/A Cyborg N/A
Nial Nialface large N/A Orakian N/A Son of Rhys and Lena
Ryan N/A Layan Time
Laya N/A Layan Healing
Alair N/A Layan N/A
Lune N/A Layan N/A

Third Generation

Name Picture Icon Bloodline Techniques Information
Adan N/A 1/2 Layan


Adan is the son of Nial and Laya.
Gwyn N/A 1/2 Layan Healing
Aron N/A 1/2 Layan Healing
Kara N/A Layan N/A
Sean Seanface large N/A 3/4 Layan Healing
Melee, Time
Is the son of Ayn and Thea
Crys Crysface large N/A 1/4 Layan Time
Laya Layaface large N/A Layan


Kara Karaface warrior N/A Layan Melee
Miun Miunface large N/A Cyborg N/A



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Other Items



Random Encounters

Main article: Random Encounters in Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom

There are two different kinds of enemies in Phantasy Star III: monsters and robots. Monsters are creatures controlled by Layans in an effort to thwart the advances of enemy Orakians into their territory. They are organic creatures, some of which are capable of casting techniques. Robots are typically found in caves and dungeons, although some do roam the overworld.

Unique Encounters


Main article: Lyle
Psiii lyle boss Lyle
HP 78

Lyle is the first boss encountered in the game. Rhys fights him in the first generation in Shusoran Castle. Being a person of Layan descent, Lyle occassionally uses the zan technique in battle.

King of Cille

Main article: King of Cille
Psiii cilleking boss King of Cille
HP 400

The King of Cille resides in Cille Castle awaiting Rhys' party. He is the final boss of the first generation. Like Lyle, the king will sometimes cast zan.


Main article: Sari
Psiii sari boss Sari
HP 210

Sari is the first boss of the second generation and can only be fought during Ayn's story. Since she is the pure blood Orakian daughter of Lena, she is unable to use techniques.


Main article: Siren
Psiii siren boss Siren
HP 1300

Siren lies in wait in the Azura Spaceship in the second generation and can only be fought during Ayn's story. He will occassionally blast the party with tsu. The cyborg makes appearances in the third generation, however, he is not a boss.


Main article: Lune
126px Lune
HP 1925

Lune is the only boss encountered by Nial in the second generation. He is the final obstacle the party must face on the Dahlia Spaceship before Nial can choose his wife.


Main article: Rulakir
Psiii rulakir boss Rulakir
HP 1500

Rulakir is a boss encountered by every member of the third generation in the city of Lashute. His soul was corrupted by Dark Force when he watched his family die in the war 1,000 years ago. He can use the tsu technique.

Dark Force

Main article: Dark Force

Dark Force

Right Hand 

1200 HP

Casts foi

Left Hand

300 HP

Casts gires


8000 HP

Casts tsu

Dark Force is the final boss of the game in the third generation. He hides within a chest deep within the city of Lashute. A creature made of pure evil, he will attempt to heal the damaged parts of his body as long as his left hand has not been destroyed. His right hand and body will attempt to hit the party with powerful foi and tsu techniques.




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