Phantasy Star: Phantom Cities

Spec 7 half front cover

Spec 7 half back cover

Series: Phantasy Star
Released: 1989
Published: Sega Players Enjoy Club (SPEC)
Also in Series: Phantasy Star
Phantasy Star: Outside Saga

Phantasy Star: Phantom Cities is a comic published by Sega of Japan in the Sega Players Enjoy Club (SPEC), which was an official fan club magazine and newsletter. The miniseries, illustrated by Phantasy Star character designer Rieko Kodama, began in issue 5 and concluded in issue 7. It is a side story that gives insight into Lutz' past, as well as officially reveals his full name, Mizerith Lutz Iysa Lanai.


  • Lutz - A naive 11-year old boy amazed by the tall skyscrapers of the city that pierce the heavens. He leaves his home town in order to speak with the mysterious wandering minstrel, Yuriaude.
  • Yuriaude - A minstrel gifted with the power of what he calls foresight. He foretells that the young boy, Lutz, is destined for a great future.

Story Synopsis

Lutz, a young and impressionable 11-year old boy, leaves his home in search of a minstrel. He is fascinated by the sight of the powerful skyscrapers that line the city. He meets with Yuriaude, a minstrel who is returning home from a long journey.

Yuriaude tells the child that he has the power of a magic called foresight, and with this ability, he can see that Lutz has a power hidden within him. Lutz, attempting to be humble, says that his mother thinks that he will grow up to make something of himself but he does not think he is the kind of person that could accomplish anything like that. Yuriaude tells the child that his mother is correct; Lutz will indeed become great and will even obtain the power of foresight himself someday. This is not a mere illusion or flattery. It will happen. As they converse, a monster named Leviathan attacks Lutz' home village while the child is away.

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