Phantasy Star: Outside Saga
Ps outside saga ch3
Series: Phantasy Star
Released: 1989
Published: Sega Players Enjoy Club (SPEC)
Also in Series: Phantasy Star
Phantasy Star: Phantom Cities

Phantasy Star: Outside Saga is a comic published by Sega of Japan in the Sega Players Enjoy Club (SPEC), which was an official fan club magazine and newsletter. The miniseries, illustrated by Judy Totoya, had four chapters published before the magazine was discontinued in 1993. The series is a sequel to the original Phantasy Star.


  • Alis Landale - The heroine from the original Phantasy Star. She was travelling through space with Lutz when their ship was sabotaged by Lassic loyalists.
  • Lutz - A powerful esper and companion of Alis Landale. When their spacecraft was sabotaged in space, they find themselves in another star system.
  • Gardinan von Emardyne - A native of the alien star system, Gardinan and the Sword Gammas offer to protect the travelling duo as they escort them to the peaceful land of Lydomuhl.

Story Synopsis

Alis Landale and Lutz are travelling together through space. Lutz monologues that Alis refused to become queen because she wanted to continue living life as a commoner. However, he cannot help but notice the vast amount of change that has begun taking place in Algol, such as Motavia's drastic urbanization over the past three years. Alis listens and softly remarks that she cannot believe time has gone by so quickly.

Suddenly, their ship's route is sabotaged by Lassic loyalists. The damage causes them to spiral uncontrollably deep into outer space. When they come to, they find themselves in an alien star system far from Algol. They attempt to introduce themselves to the locals when they meet a man named Gardinan von Emardyne. He offers protection for the travelling duo from the National Army. With him and the assistance of the Sword Gammas, they make their way to the peaceful land of Lydomuhl.

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