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Peloriemate (Japanese: ペロリーメイト), localized as Cola in Phantasy Star and Perolymate in Phantasy Star IV, is a healing item common to classic entries in the Phantasy Star series.



Peloriemate resembles a generic energy bar in the Japanese version of Phantasy Star. In the western localization, it was changed to a fast food style cup containing a cola drink with the words "cola" inscribed across the beverage container.

Pelorimate is described as a cheap, highly nutritious cake in Phantasy Star IV.


Peloriemate is a simple snack food that grants its consumer immediate energy due to its nutritional value. In one case, an extremely malnourished, bedridden young lady recovered almost immediately upon eating the cake-like bar.

Game Appearances[]


Phantasy Star[]

In the original Phantasy Star, cola can be purchased from most fast food shops for 10 meseta. The beverage will recover 10 hit points to the person who consumes it in battle or in the overworld.

Phantasy Star IV[]

Although perolymate makes an appearance in Phantasy Star IV, it is mainly used as a key item in the Hunter's Guild quest, The Missing Student. Upon hearing that a student from Motavia Academy went missing, Chaz Ashley and his party search Kadary after learning that she became involved with a religious cult. When they enter Zio's church, they find the missing girl inside confused as to how she got there. She becomes weak due to malnourishment and the team takes her to Kadary's Inn.

After speaking to the doctor tending to the lady, Chaz is told that she needs to eat something nutritious in order to recover her strength. He travels to Termi in order to purchase a perolymate, a local cake known for its nutritional content, from the Bayamare gift shop for 40 meseta. With the item in hand, the team travels back to Kadary and gives the energy cake to the bedridden student. She recovers soon after ingesting the item.


"Simple cakes that have some nutritional value."
— Vendor at the Bayamare gift shop (Phantasy Star IV)
"Hey! You're holding a Perolymate! Does that bring back memories! That has high nutritional value! I used to eat those back in the old days! Lemme see, let's give it to this girl!"
— Doctor treating the malnourished woman in The Missing Student (Phantasy Star IV)


  • Peloriemate appears to be based on the real world Japanese product CalorieMate, a brand specializing in energy products such as energy bars and gel foods.[1][2]


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