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Newman in Phantasy Star Portable 2.

Newmans (or numans) are a race evolved from humans in the Phantasy Star universe. They were created for research purposes, but eventually became a race of their own. They are generally smarter than any other race and excel more at casting Techs rather than melee or ranged combat. However there are still a few that would prefer to fight on the front line.

Phantasy Star series

The Newman race was originally introduced in the Classic series. Here, Newmans were artificial human-like beings that displayed exemplary aptitude for Techniques. A common trait among Newmans is that their appearance and age are explicitly separate; Rika from Phantasy Star IV, for example, was created about a year prior to the story but has the appearance of a teenager.

The major Newmans in the Classic series include Nei from Phantasy Star II and Rika.

Phantasy Star Online series

Newmans are able to regain TP while standing still, regardless of class.

The original newman classes in Phantasy Star Online are female hunter (HUnewearl), male force (FOnewm), and female force (FOnewearl).

Notable newmans from the Phantasy Star Online series include the HUnewearl Sue.

Phantasy Star Universe series

In Phantasy Star Universe there are no default classes that tie you to your race however, newmans lack the melee stats of the other races so are still best to be chosen if you want a full fledged force.

Phantasy Star Portable 2

"A race resulting from human efforts to create a new, superior breed of human.

The genetic engeneering that produced then was focused on the enhancement of mental abilities, and as a result the average newman has reaction speeds, intelligence, and memory that easily best a human's, but their physical abilities are significantly less developed.

Their greater mental abilities make newmans well-suited to the use of Technics, but the lack of physical prowess makes the vunerable in melee combat."

Phantasy Star Zero

In Phantasy Star Zero Sega updated the class set and added a male hunter (HUnewm).

Phantasy Star Online 2

In the Phantasy Star Online 2 series, Newmans are one of the four races from which players may design their character around. Alongside CASTs and Deumans, Newmans are one of the three races created from Humans, designed for maximizing Photon aptitude. The sharp, elf-like ears of the Newman race were intended to act as "antennas" for Photons, granting them access to a greater Photon supply at a time at the cost of their physical ability. Due to advancements in Photon research, the Photon aptitude of Newmans is now nearly identical to that of Humans, making their differences purely aesthetic.

Newmans are slightly skewed towards Techniques, favoring higher T-ATK over other stats such as R-ATK and S-ATK. However, the difference in stats between Newmans and other races is completely nominal, averaging out to only a few points in stats.

Newman male Newman female
Class Hunter (HUnewm) Ranger (RAnewm) Force (FOnewm) Class Hunter (HUnewearl) Ranger (RAnewearl) Force (FOnewearl)
HP 190 171 152 HP 188 169 150
PP 100 100 100 PP 100 100 100
S-ATK 90 81 72 S-ATK 90 81 72
R-ATK 82 91 82 R-ATK 82 91 82
T-ATK 77 77 97 T-ATK 79 79 99
ABIL 94 94 94 ABIL 94 94 94
S-DEF 90 72 72 S-DEF 90 72 72
R-DEF 75 94 75 R-DEF 72 90 72
T-DEF 72 72 90 T-DEF 75 75 94