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Mother's Memory is a side quest in Phantasy Star Zero. Ana, the appointed representative of the newman race, has been attempting to strengthen relationships between all of the races. However, due to recent events, people on earth have deep-rooted prejudice against newmans. Ana is hoping that her comrades, the same heroes that successfully subdued Mother Trinity, will help her scour the Dark Shrine in order to uncover ancient data that will help the newman cause.

Quest Details

Official quest description: "The Dark Shrine needs to be investigated. Restricted to only the best hunters."
Difficulty: Moderate-very difficult
Length: Very long
Client: Ana
Solo mode only?: No
Requirements: Clear story mode
NPC partners: Sarisa, Ogi, and Kai (mandatory)
Areas visited: Dark Shrine
Lightless path → Gray crossroads [1 room] → Darkless path → Ruined sanctuary [Mother Trinity] → Living darkness [Dark Falz]


[Boxed words] indicate possible answers the player can give when prompted or any other messages indicated by the game. Written immediately under the selection is what the NPC will say as a result of the player's choice. A space in between the answer and the following paragraph is the universal continuation dialogue for both choices after the choice has taken effect.

(Parenthesis words) describe what is happening in the scene sometimes without it actually being written in the script. If they appear directly after a character's name, they are either thinking to themselves or whispering.

Mother's Memory

Ana: Well, if it isn't [NAME] and company. What good timing!
Sarisa: Ana? What are you doing here?
Ana: I just got out of a meeting with the mayor.
We're finally making headway for resuming a relationship between the earth and the moon.
I've never been to a meeting that ran so long, though. This girl's exhausted!
Kai: Ha ha! It's not easy being the voice of the people.
Ana: Laugh all you want, but it can really wear you down.
The humans and CASTs on earth, and the newmans on the moon...
Well, let's just say everyone seems to have some pretty big misconceptions about everyone else.
People are still accusing newmans of controlling Mother Trinity
Ogi: It's because the people were divided for so long.
The prejudiced views need to be eliminated over time with factual evidence.
Ana: Yeah, that's how it's gotta be. We're hoping to debunk misconceptions before they become deeply rooted.
That's why I've been trying to nip this thing in the bud.
Anyway, seeing as you're all here, I'm guessing you've accepted the quest, right? The one I asked for?

[Nod yes.]

Ana: Good, good, thanks a lot. Things are finally settling into place. Your timing is perfect.

[Shake head no.]

Ana: Huh? You're kidding. Really? Did I mess up my request or something?
I was sure I heard that [NAME]'s group took the job...
Kai: [NAME], it's like a habit of yours, but lay off on the annoying lies.
Don't worry, Ana. We took the job you posted.
Ana: Oh, you did? Great! Reve didn't want me doing it meself. He thinks it's too dangerous for me to investigate.

Sarisa: What are we supposed to do exactly? We were told to ask the client for details.
Ana: Investigate Mother Trinity's true intent.
Sarisa: Huh?
Ana: It's not something we can openly discuss. I'll explain on the way to the moon.
I'll go with you at least part of the way.

(Use the teleport to the Dark Shrine. Upon entering the shrine, Ana explains more thoroughly.)

Sarisa: Ana, can you tell us now? What did you mean by Mother Trinity's true intent?
Ana: Well, there's not a lot to tell. I want to find out about Mother Trinity's true intent too.
Kai: What do you mean by "true intent"? What that thing was thinking, you mean?
Ana: Yeah, and the facts around how the Great Blank came to be.
The main reason the Great Blank happened is because Mother Trinity was influenced by Dark Falz.
But we don't have a clear view on why Mother was made in the first place, and why she tried to exterminate people.
Ogi: That is true. We know so little.
Ana: We'd love to get at some old data, but Mother Trinity deleted almost everything out there.
We've been looking, but we've come up empty-handed just about everywhere so far.
But we haven't looked here yet. There may still be something left.
That's why we launched the investigation into the Dark Shrine.
More easily said than done, though. The whole place is still teeming with hostiles.

[Is that the objective?]

Ana: That's right.
You're all familiar with this place, so I thought you'd be able to handle the mission safely.
Actually, we couldn't assign the job to anyone but you. The mission being what it is, I mean.

[Aren't you going too, Ana?]

Ana: I would if I could, but I just can't.
Kai: How come?
Ana: Reve's being a pain.
Something about how someone who should be leading and representing newmans shouldn't be fighting.
Well, I guess I can see his point. That's why I'm not leading the investigation myself.
I guess I have to make use of the authority I've been given as a leader.
Kai: Ha ha! That's some pull you've got.

Sarisa: If we can find that data, do you think it will help people get over their prejudices?
Ana: Who knows? I guess depends on what we find.
I'm not looking for old data so I can use it as evidence to persuade people.
I just want to know what happened so we don't repeat the same mistakes with the world we're building now.
Ogi: That's commendable. We can't be certain that the same mistakes won't be repeated, otherwise.
Ana: Also, the people who accuse newmans of controlling Mother Trinity are skeptical that Mother even existed.
If we can recover some data, we can use it as proof and move on. Two birds with one stone!
Ogi: Very good! You seem to know how to think on your feet.
Ana: I'll take that as a compliment.
I know it's not my place to say this as a client, but please don't try to be heroes.
You, in the present, are far more important than any kind of data from the past.
Sarisa: It's all right. Aren't we the heroes that saved the world?
Ana: Heh. That sounds funny coming from you, somehow.
Kai: No doubt! But titles can change people. We can't very well tarnish our names as heroes, can we now?
Ana: We've all got these titles that are weighted with expectations, don't we? All right then, I'm counting on you.

(Appear in the lightless path. Fight the hostiles in the field.)

(As you enter the room with the stairs, Sarisa spots something ahead.)

Sarisa: Hey, look! Could that be a data terminal?
Kai: Seeing how this whole area's trashed, it's amazing it survived.
Ogi: The monitor didn't, but that's to be expected. Give me some time, so I can access its data.
Bingo. I see references to Coral and Arca. I think we've got a hit.
Sarisa: What are Coral and Arca?
Ogi: In the past, the earth had been named Coral, and the moon, Arca.
This was before the Great Blank, when they were both inhabited by all three races.
We have found artifacts referring to them by their old names, you see.
The people of the past must have felt great kinship with the places they lived.
Why else would they name them?
Kai: That explains why those names rang a bell.
I had no idea what they meant. Interesting.
Ogi: They appear to be new to Sarisa and [NAME] as well.
They are hardly worth mentioning as historical data, especially considering that they're no longer in use.
But remember them, if you will. Those names are testaments of people that lived on the celestial bodies.
Sarisa: The earth is Coral, and the moon is Arca.
Okay, I won't forget.
Kai: All right. So what else is that data telling you?
Ogi: Ah, yes. One moment, please.
This is clearly data from before the Great Blank. It is thankfully free of anything harmful, such as viruses.
This isn't Mother Trinity's data. It seems to belong to a third party. It hasn't been tampered with.
But why wasn't this data deleted? Did Mother Trinity overlook it? Or was it left deliberately?
Sarisa: What do you mean? What does it say?
Ogi: I'll summarize what I found.
Mother Trinity was a computer system created to save Coral's failing environment.
She faithfully attempted to live up to her duties, and made many proposals to help save the planet.
But people refused to accept her recommendations, and the planet rapidly spiraled towards ruin.
Sarisa: But why didn't they listen to her? If Mother wasn't crazy then, she should have been making logical proposals.
Kai: Her solutions must not have been palatable for people to take.
Sarisa: Is that all?
Kai: Well, it's no small thing. The standard of living was a lot better back then.
It's hard to give up conveniences you've grown up taking for granted.
Ogi: Mother was a computer. She could propose solutions that were based on cold, hard logic.
But people didn't want that. They wanted the environment to be made better without them having to do a thing.
It's illogical and impossible. It must have tormented her, eventually giving rise to the darkness within.
Sarisa: So Mother went crazy because people in the past were selfish?
Ogi: That must have been a contributing factor.
That darkness was what gave Dark Falz its foothold.
This terminal has no other useful data. We should delve deeper.

(Appear back in the lightless path. Use the stairs and continue onward.)

Ogi: This is another data terminal. Why not take a break while I access it?
Sarisa: ...
Kai: What's up, Sarisa? You don't seem very perky. You get hurt or something?
Sarisa: Huh? Oh, no, no, it's okay. It's nothing.

[Don't dwell on it.]

Sarisa: There's no hiding anything from you, is there, [NAME]? You're right, I just can't get Mother Trinity out of my head.

[Don't drive yourself too hard.]

Sarisa: It's okay, really. I'm not pushing myself at all.
It's something else. I just can't get what I heard earlier out of my head.

Kai: Sarisa's just... Actually it could happen to anyone who gets caught up in the stories they read.
You're identifying with Mother, aren't you?
Sarisa: Maybe, I guess.
Do you think, if people had listened to Mother Trinity... Could the Great Blank have been prevented?
Kai: Who's to say? Only the people back then could tell you what it was really like.
The only thing I can say is that the Mother Trinity I met was a cold-blooded murderer.
It doesn't matter what she was like back then.
Sarisa: That's true, but...
But I'm just saying, maybe if people in the past weren't so selfish, maybe nothing would have happened.
Ogi: That is why we are here. To investigate what really happened.
Kai: Oh, are you done with your data scan?
Ogi: Yes. The information I found was written in logical, even clerical detail. It was fascinating, and sickening.
Sarisa: What did you find out?
Ogi: Well...
The production records of newmans. And how they came to be.

(Sarisa becomes deeply intrigued.)

Sarisa: Oh!
What did it say?
Ogi: "About a hundred years ago, humans and CASTs re-emerged on the surface of the earth."
"The two races are working cooperatively already. They may once again turn their weapons on Mother Trinity."
"Mother Trinity took the first step."
"Mother resurrected the newmans and taught them to revere her. She raised them as her soldiers."
It seems the newmans today sprang forth from ancestors prepared by Mother using genetic technology.
Kai: So newmans really are Mother's kids! Children who were sacrificed for her. There's not much more wrong than that.
Ogi: The newmans today are generations removed from Mother's first children. They weren't created.
It was strictly the first generation. I would estimate around Sarisa's great grandfather's time.
Sarisa: ...
Ogi: Data is factual. It never lies. Mother worked for people, but went insane and nearly destroyed their world.
Sarisa, you are free to decide whether you should empathize with Mother, or be outraged by her.
Those thoughts are saved in our hearts to admonish us of the past.
Sarisa: All right, thanks. Let's move on, okay? There may be other data terminals.
We... We have to know what happened.
We need to know our past, so we can move forward with our future.

(Arrive in the gray crossroads. Defeat the hostiles in the single room and continue up the stairs.)

Kai: Feh! Can you just feel it? This place is gonna be swarming with nasty hostiles in a minute or so, I'll bet you.
Yep, wherever you go, hostiles just seem to pop out of thin air. Where do they all come from?
Ogi: That reminds me, there was some information on hostiles in the data we recovered.
Kai: What now? Are you gonna tell me that Mother made all the hostiles, too?
Ogi: Oh, you figured it out already? Kai, you really impress me! The realization startled me, but you--
Kai: Whoa! You're serious?!
Sarisa: Mother made the hostiles, too? How does that all fit together?
Ogi: The ancestors of the hostiles on earth were created by Mother Trinity.
According to the data, they were made to prevent population growth and advances in civilization.
Kai: Talk about a roundabout way of doing things! She could have finished the job faster by going there herself.
Though the hostiles are doing their job. It hasn't been easy trying to build cities... or making them bigger.
Ogi: In that regard, things turned out exactly as Mother Trinity intended.
The unsettling hostiles here... Perhaps they were the prototypes, or the ultimate evolutions.
Sarisa: And then they fell under Dark Falz's influence and gained their horrifying powers.
If things had been a little bit different, we could have ended up just like them!

[Console Sarisa.]

Sarisa: You're right, [NAME]. That was a silly thing to say. I am who I am.

[Become angry.]

Kai: Whoa, Sarisa! That's not cool. You can't blame [NAME] for getting upset.
You've got good parents, right? Didn't they bring you up right?
I can understand you being freaked out by all this new information, but don't forget who you are.
Sarisa: Yes, I'm sorry.

Ogi: The hostiles are fundamentally different from us.
If it bothers you even a little, take them out and set them free from Dark Falz's influence.

(Enter the darkless path and fight your way to the next area.)

(Right before you enter the final room on the floor, Kai finds another data terminal.)

Kai: Oh, here we go. Another data terminal. Ogi, work your magic.
Ogi: Its condition isn't bad. It may yield useful data. Give me some time.
Kai: It's kind of weird that we keep finding these terminals without a lot of trouble.
Things have been going so smooth, you'd think someone was leaving them here for us to find.
Ogi: In the same way we feel remorse over what transpired in the past, perhaps Mother felt regret, as well.
This terminal had data on the people's rebellion and the aftermath. She does express regret of sorts.
"Photon Eraser's destruction scars the environment for over 100 years. It is powerful, but inefficient."
"Photon Noise's effects extend to engulf Mother Trinity. Its deployment requires caution."
"These weapons decimated the population, but they have resulted in horrible pollution lasting a century."
"The re-population rates of people are also alarming."
"Despite exposure to Photon Eraser bombardment, a substantial number survived against all odds."
"For now, people will be allowed to repair the environment to the extent possible. Further decisions pending."
And so on. It's readily apparent that she views people merely as things.
Kai: That kind of thinking's pretty crazy, if you ask me.
It doesn't make any sense to use weapons that can hurt yourself too.
Sarisa: I don't think she was very sensible by that point. She must have been under Dark Falz's influence.
Ogi: Or, she was forced into a position where she felt compelled to use them.
Kai: Whatever the story, we're nearing the end. What do you reckon is waiting for us?

(Use the teleporter and confront what lies ahead.)

Kai: And here we are again... Another data terminal, ripe for the plucking. This is too easy.
Ogi: I would prefer things to stay that way. Allow me some time again, please.
Sarisa: ...

[Question Sarisa.]

Sarisa: Am I thinking about Mother Trinity?
Uh, um, yes... She's still stuck in my head. I can't help it!

[Worry about Sarisa.]

Sarisa: Pardon? I don't look well?
I'm sorry. I was thinking about Mother Trinity again. I can't help it!

Sarisa: If it weren't for Dark Falz, maybe she wouldn't have turned against us.
Kai: Are you still thinking about that? Geez, you've got to get over this, Sarisa!
Mother Trinity was made for people. If she wasn't under any influence, she'd have no reason to fight us.
Sarisa: Huh? You think so?
Kai: But that's not to say she was friendly. In fact, I'm sure she wasn't.
People were her masters in the past. I'm sure she was programmed to behave nicely to them, do what they wanted.
Even though Dark Falz might have given her a nudge, Mother Trinity made the choice to throw off those reins.
Sarisa: That's true. The first thing we faced wasn't Dark Falz. It was Mother.
Ogi: For Mother Trinity, the priority was to restore the earth's environment.
Kai: Hey, you're back with us? So what did that terminal tell you?
Ogi: Not much new. Only data to support what we have been hypothesizing.
For Mother Trinity, people and nature were both to be protected.
But Dark Falz's intervention must have resulted in Mother giving priority to the restoration of natural environments.
Because that purpose endured, she must have retained form as Mother Trinity despite falling under Dark Falz's spell.
In a way, it must have been like a curse to her. Though it's hardly befitting for a computer.
Sarisa: The intensity of her wish to do right pushed her over the edge.
If that didn't happen to her, I'm sure we could have worked together...

(The shrine begins to violently shake.)

Sarisa: Wh-What is that?
Kai: The whole place is shaking!
What the blazes is that?!

(Mother Trinity appears.)

Ogi: Mother Trinity?! Impossible. We destroyed her!
Sarisa: That sure looks like Mother Trinity... But there's something different. There's no intelligence behind it.
It's moving on one raw emotion. Its hatred, and it only wants revenge.
Kai: Tch! Quit your yammering! Here it comes!

(Fight Mother Trinity. Immediately after she is defeated, Dark Falz emerges from the shadows. Defeat the darkness.)

Ogi: Incredible. It wasn't just Mother Trinity, but Dark Falz also rose again!
Kai: Seems we shouldn't let our guard down, even if we think we're safe.
Looks like we'll have to routinely check in on things. You got any data on wiping them out once and for all?
Ogi: There's nothing like that so far. It's something we'll have to search for.
Sarisa: She came back from the void. It just goes to show the intensity of Mother Trinity's will.
If she cared that much about the earth, I wish she would have considered working with us...
We have to report to Ana. Let's go back to the earth.

[Quest cleared!]

(Return back to Dairon City with the teleporter and walk into the Hunter's Guild.)

Ana: Welcome back, everyone.
Kai: Ana? Why are you still here?
Ana: I got called out again by his honor, the mayor.
All this back and forth is really getting old.
Hm? Sarisa, you look kind of down. Are you feeling okay?
Sarisa: No, I'm fine, really.
Ana, we're done with your mission. Can you take our report now?

(Ana looks through the report.)

Ana: I see. I think I'm starting to get how Mother Trinity felt.
And why Sarisa is feeling so low.
Sarisa: Huh? Me?
Ana: I don't know exactly what happened in the past, or what's right or wrong. There's so much I'm not sure about.
But I am sure about this: Mother Trinity now is just one bad hostile. You did a good thing, Sarisa.
Sarisa: I did?
Ana: Yeah.
You saved us newmans. You set us free from Mother Trinity, didn't you?
The people of the past did awful things to Mother that drove her insane.
Even if that's true, it's not something you should worry about.
We're living our lives today. You shouldn't feel guilty for what other people did in the past.
Sarisa: That's really nice of you to say, Ana.
Ana: Yeah, you're right. I don't think I'll say anything that nice ever again, so enjoy it while it lasts.
But joking aside, we don't have the time to keep looking back right now.
When our work is done, when we get the time to relax, then we can take some time to think.
We all have so much ahead of us. That goes for me and all of you.
Me, the representative of the newman people. And you, the heroes who saved the world.
These titles won't let us rest. You understand that, don't you?
Sarisa: I do!

[Report on quest.]

[This is your reward: (Refer to the reward section)]
[Your quest report is completed.]


Quest Name Difficulty Ranking Reward
Mother's Memory Normal ★★★☆☆☆☆ Spirit Garb (2 unit slots)
2,500 Meseta
Hard ★★★★★★ Spirit Garb (3 unit slots)
5,000 Meseta
Super ★★★★★★★ Spirit Garb (4 unit slots)
10,000 Meseta
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