Moon Atomizers (Japanese: ムーンアトマイザー) are restorative items common to the Phantasy Star series. They typically restore the Death status. In the Classic series, they are also known as Moon Dew.

Phantasy Star II

The Moon Dew is a very rare restorative item that can only be obtained from Shir if she steals from the Tools Shop in Paseo. This item revives a character from death when used.

Phantasy Star III

Psiii moon atomizer

Moon Dew is a very rare restorative item that can be purchased from the Cille Supply Shop in the first generation for an outrageously exorbitant price of 8800 Meseta. It can also be found in dungeons. When used, this item revives a single character from death.

The rever technique has a similar effect, however, only people of Layan descent have the capability of casting such spells. Success rate is based on the power of the spell when modifying the technique grid unlike Moon Dew which is always a guaranteed revival.

Moon Dew can be obtained from the following locations:

City Dungeon
Shusoran Skyhaven Dungeon
Cille Lashute

Phantasy Star IV

Moon Dew is a rare restorative item that can be purchased for 5000 Meseta. When used on another character, it restores them from death if they are downed, healing them to 1/4 of their HP.

Moon Dew can be obtained from the following locations:

City Dungeon
Reshel Zio's Fort
Meese Soldier's Temple
Jut Gumbious Temple
Strength Tower

Phantasy Star Online

Moon Atomizers are items that can be carried and used by all classes, and are essential for any non-Force member of a team. When used, a Moon Atomizer will revive the closest downed teammate to 50% of their maximum HP.

Moon Atomizers are obtainable as monster drops, found in boxes, and are nearly always stocked in the Item Store on Pioneer II for 500 meseta each.

Phantasy Star Online 2

Moon atomizer pso2id
Moon Atomizers are common items that can be purchased from the Item Store for 500 Meseta. MAGs can also produce them with a certain Auto Action. Players can carry up to 5 Moon Atomizers at any time.

Moon Atomizers can be used once an allied player nearby is incapacitated. The player throws a pod into the air that bursts into a healing field, reviving all players within its area of effect.

The range of Atomizers can be boosted by certain effects, such as Sukunahime's Blessing.

When fed to a MAG, this item increases all DEF stats at the cost of DEX.

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