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"I trained at a place called the 'H.T.C.' There wasn't a single person who could beat me in a fight. ...No, wait, I lied. There was one. I lost to a girl named Viviana a few times... or just Vivi. That girl started treating me like her little sis, so I got pissed and left the place. Hmph! Man, whenever I think about Vivi... uggh... it makes me mad."
— Memoru introducing herself to the Commander

Memoru (Japanese: メモル) is a character in Phantasy Star Online Episode III C.A.R.D. Revolution. She has allied herself with the Arkz anti-government faction and can usually be found accompanied by her friends, Creinu and Peko, during missions.

Memoru trained to become a registered hunter with her former best friend-turned-Hunters, Viviana, at the Hunter Training Center before they went their separate ways over an unfortunate misunderstanding.



Hero Side 14-3


  1. "Huh? Hey! Why're you looking at me like that? That's rude, you know! I don't use any anti-aging stuff at all! I'm fifteen years old! You won't find a fitter FOnewearl! Well, I wouldn't mind looking a bit more 'womanly' here and there. ...... ...I'm gonna kill you if you talk, okay?"
    — Memoru speaking to the Commander after receiving the quest, Unseen Enemy 2
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