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Mechguns are ranged weapons that can be equipped by all classes, provided the character has the ATA requirement to equip them. Mechguns resemble twin submachine guns, one held in each hand; each gun fires three photon bullets per attack, for a total of nine attacks per successive three-hit combo. (One pair of shots, one from each weapon, counts as one hit.)

Mechguns are tricky to effectively use: they have much lower ATP and ATA bonuses (the basic mechguns don't give any ATA whatsoever), have a much shorter range and much smaller attack radius than other guns, and have a very long cool-down time. It can also be difficult for new players to master the timing of the mechgun's attacks. However, powerful mechguns (such as the Red Mechgun) with a good Hit% bonus, in the hands of an experienced player, can be brutal; if used properly, mechguns have among the highest damage potential of all weapons in the game. They are good weapons for forces who need a decent ranged weapon.

The basic mechgun requires at least 79 ATA to equip.

Standard Mechguns


Rare Mechguns

9 Rarity

10 Rarity

12 Rarity

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