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Matoi (Japanese: マトイ) is a character in Phantasy Star Online 2. She is a previous member of the Council of Six as the second Klariskrays, one of the Trio of Heroes. She currently serves as one of the two who holds the exclusive title Guardian.


Matoi is a rather gentle and soft-spoken girl. She possesses a strong sense of justice and compassion for others around her, and unforgiving towards those who dared to harm one of her own.

During her time as Klariskrays II, Matoi's personality was originally more spirited but still reserved due to her tendency to keep to herself. She was also incredibly ruthless and hard-handed towards the Falspawn and Dark Falz, yet, somewhat socially awkward.


Matoi is the second Klariskrays, the first successor to the original Klariskrays, one of the Trio of Heroes who sealed away Dark Falz Elder in AP 198.

Presumed dead after a Falspawn assault on an ARKS ship in AP 228, she appeared ten years later, having lost her memories as a result of photonic purification. She was then found by the protagonist, and began a road to recovery that ultimately lead to the restoration of her powers.

At the end of Episode 3, she sacrificed herself to prevent the protagonist from turning into the Profound Darkness, and as a result became the Profound Darkness herself. However, through the combined efforts of Persona and the protagonist, she was killed thus saving the universe from complete annihilation by the Profound Darkness. But through the interventions of Xion, time was rewound and the protagonist along with Persona managed to free her from the Profound Darkness.

Later on, Matoi and the protagonist entered stasis for two years to clear their systems of remaining corrupted photons.

In Episode 4, she now works as a Guardian, performing auxiliary missions for ARKS.

Powers and abilities

Matoi is a special existence to ARKS and even among her fellow Council of Six members. She holds incredibly high photon potential, arguably one of the highest and strongest in ARKS.

During her time as Klariskrays II, she was shown as being capable of defeating those at the level of Dark Falz Apprentice with a single attack.

Matoi is also one of few people capable of utilizing photons within the ARKS ship, being an exception to the photon limiters in the ships.

Her Cosmogenic Arm is the Clarissa, a legendary weapon once used to seal away Dark Falz. The Clarissa is linked with Xion, allowing Matoi to directly communicate with her and vice versa. After the events in Episode 3, the Clarissa disappeared along with Xion, and Matoi was granted a new Genesis Weapon, the Clarissa III. The Clarissa III, although weaker than the original Clarissa, still holds power that rivals its original counterpart.



Matoi makes a direct appearance in the following story quests in Phantasy Star Online 2.

Episode 1
Protecting a Fallen Matoi A Resonance-Induced Headache
Notice from the Medical Bay Yet Another Resonance-Induced Headache
Nothing Understood A Huge Resonance-Induced Headache
I Don't Talk to Anyone Else What Is Peace Anyway?
Something New at Every Turn The Aim of the Rampant Dragon
Episode 2
The Key to the Future That's My Enemy
Regret and Appreciation Brilliant, Strong and Scary
Set In Motion The Lonely Child
Day of Resurrection An Ordinary Girl
Setting Out for Loss To Finally Carry Things Through
Me 10 Years Ago The Reason for My Birth
Even Alone She's Noisy Rewrite History, Devour the Present
Annihilation Pledge Going Forward
Episode 3
Puzzling Piety Oddballs All Around
Here's to the Trailblazers PaTia is Pleased to Permit People!
Guardian Kotoshiro Lords of Day and Night
The Ashmaiden's Divine Protection An Anticipated Answer
Daybreakers and Nightfallers Failure's Greatest Masterpiece
Nightfaller Assault Desire to Protect
A Quiet Rage What Lies Within
A Game of Day and Night It's Dangerous to Go Alone
Sleeping Clarissa As Overseer, as a Friend
Friends of the Ashmaiden Going for Sukunahime
Righteous Retaliation All for My Mother-In-Law
Foolish Harukotan Folk To Protect My Beloved
An Ashen Legend Decision Day
The Ashmaiden Teases The Reason Behind Your Birth
A Force of Stronger Subjugation Profound Darkness Revived
The True Nature of Magatsu Attack of the Profound Darkness
An Ash-Smeared Legacy Something In Mind
Gemini the Duplicate's Whereabouts Sisterly Squabbles
Lillipans on the Lookout
Episode 4
I Simply Want to Know Two Klariskrays
Resolution Supportive Sarah
Tainted Origin Believe Your Lover
A Mother's Wish
Episode 5
Operation to Recover Persona the Masked The End of a Legend
Seeking the Hand of Salvation Time Flows Differently in Omega
Omega Look Back at the Records!
A Little Help Here? Alma the Fickle
The Meaning of Klariskrays' Name Excursion Permission Granted!
Grown Up, Xiao Out of Sight
An Enigmatic Assault Alma's Downtime Reading
Is it Omega's influence? Xiera's Big Surprise
An Unconventional Trio The Klariskrays Trio
Matoi's Gnawing Worry A 40-Year-Old Promise
Luther Before Luther Alma's Wish
A Rash of Disappearances PaTia Under Investigation
Black Hole Expansion Just Like Old Times
Alma's Secret Plan Planning for a New Era

Phantasy Star Online 2 es

Matoi has her own set of obtainable chips in Phantasy Star Online 2 es.

Idola: Phantasy Star Saga

Elwin explains to Rosalinde that Leoria needs a powerful ruler.

Matoi makes a canon appearance in Idola: Phantasy Star Saga.

Following the defeat of Messala and the Liberation Army due to the combined effort of the Kingdom of Leoria and the Aries Chivalric Order, Crown Prince Elwin revealed that he had played both sides against each other and conspired to obtain the power of Dark Falz for himself in order to take the throne and rule with unrivaled power. The Aries Chivalric Order vows to stop Dark Falz from removing its final seal, the soul, and continues their race against time. Uly, the Commander of the Order's Guerrilla Squad, parted ways with his team to embark on a trial that his father, Theseus, planned for before his death. Uly is led to the Holy Land of Aero, a space station filled with technology unknown to the people of Vandor. His skills are tested by the Zodiart Clemens, a warrior who fought among the Argonauts that sealed Dark Falz twenty years ago. Upon boarding Aero, Uly learns about the history of Vandor's Vastness Age which was threatened to be annihilated by Dark Falz. In their time of need they were saved by the Gods, the same beings responsible for building the Aero space station. One such person who lived in the world of the Gods of yore had traveled through the Star Gate and appeared on Aero in order to test whether Uly is ready to confront Dark Falz: Matoi.

Matoi tells Uly that Vandor must protect their world with their own hands and cannot always rely on others' help.

After fighting Uly, Matoi confidently determined that Uly had the potential. Clemens informed Uly that Matoi had traveled to Vandor via the Star Gate exactly when Dark Falz started to revive on Vandor. Unlike Phuramy, Matoi retained the memories of her world and knew the dangers of Dark Falz. Matoi informs the group that she believes that people are summoned to Vandor via the Star Gate for a purpose and believes that they are unable to return until that wish has been achieved. She offers to help Uly take the final trial to unlock his true potential as a warrior but will not assist the people of Vandor to fight against Dark Falz directly. She believes that the people of Vandor should not rely on others' power and need to learn to protect their own future by themselves. This is a belief that that person has been following, and Matoi wishes to uphold that belief, as well.

Anime Appearances

Main article: Phantasy Star Online 2: Episode Oracle

Phantasy Star Online 2: Episode Oracle

Matoi slowly descends from the sky when Ash arrives at a big tree on Naverius. She opens her crying eyes and, knowing Ash's name, asks Ash to kill her before she falls unconsicious in Ash's arms. After Ash and his group protect her from Persona, she is brought to the medical center.[3]

Main article: Phantasy Star Online 2 The Animation

Phantasy Star Online 2 The Animation

As Itsuki and Aika are entangled in battle with empowered Falspawn that have appeared in the civilian sector on the ARKS Ship, Matoi arrives to save them and instantly takes out all the Falspawn within the area. She heals Aika who is injured and issues a warning to Itsuki, telling him to be more careful, before leaving to eliminate the remaining Falspawn.[4]

Later on, Matoi appears to assist Aika and Itsuki with their fight against the revived Dark Falz Apprentice Gia.[5] It is mentioned off-screen that she saves Aika from being possessed by the defeated Apprentice by absorbing the corrupted photons from Aika's body. This forces Matoi to re-enter cryostasis to purge the corrupted photons from her system.

Other Appearances

Kai-ri-Sei Million Arthur

Matoi appeared in a collaboration campaign between Kai-ri-Sei Million Arthur and Phantasy Star Online 2 that ran from October 18 to November 02, 2016 alongside numerous other Phantasy Star Online 2 characters as limited-time event cards.

Soul Reverse Zero

Matoi appeared in a collaboration campaign between Soul Reverse Zero and Phantasy Star Online 2 that ran from November 08 to November 20, 2018 alongside Quna and Io as limited-time event cards.

Puyo Puyo Quest

Matoi and Quna were added to Puyo Puyo Quest as part of the SEGA Collaboration Gacha event on June 23, 2021.[6]


  • Matoi wears particularly revealing clothes to allow better circulation and connection with photons. This causes misunderstandings with other ARKS members that wearing such clothing is a "hobby" of hers.


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