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Sega heroes phantasy star update

So this came out of nowhere. Who expected Sega to remember Phantasy Star in their soft launch mobile game for the western market? Although it is not yet available in the United States on iOS, this editor for one is pretty excited to give Sega Heroes a try when it is eventually officially released!

This updates gives players a chance at obtaining four characters that appeared in the original role-playing classics. Alis Landale and her mortal enemy Lassic bring forth double representation to the timeless original that started it all, Phantasy Star. Rolf represents the well-received Phantasy Star II, and the Wren here, distinguishable from his counterpart by his large build and head antennae, is known as Forren in the Japanese version of fan-favorite and arguably one of the most recognizable of the four games, Phantasy Star IV. Each characters sports unique abilities that hearken back to their original appearances in the classics. Rolf, for example, can cast his most advanced and powerful technique, Megid, while Wren is equipped with his signature Positron Bolt. Alis can cast Flaeli, known as Fire in this localization, and Lassic comes equipped with Razonde and Dark Force, an obvious nod to the original entity that corrupted him in the first game, Dark Falz.

For those that are interested or curious, check out this video by Genesis VII that takes a look at each character's abilities and assorted flavor text from the latest update!

Random Quote
"OK, Delsaber. 'Delsaber. D-Cellular Sub Lifeform. Highly intelligent. Its arms are capable of attacking and defending.' Hmm... 'When a Delsaber decides on its prey, it shows a single-minded mentality.' ! Guess this means that this creature is rather obsessive. Reminds me of an ex-boyfriend. I guess you have to be extra careful if you're the target. Man, this gives me the creeps."
— Elly reading Delsaber's entry in Calus' database at VR Spaceship Alpha

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