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Phantasy Star Wiki Updated: PSO2 TCG Volume 1 Complete
Pso2 tcg promo image

As of May 24, 2019, the Phantasy Star Wiki now has uploaded all 329 individual card pages to our database for the entirety of Phantasy Star Online 2 Trading Card Game Volume 1. They can be viewed under Cards in PSO2 TCG and on the Card List. Of course, this also means we are approaching the public release of Volume 2 very soon in June. No rest for the weary! We will also work on adding pages for the boss raids at a later date...

In the meantime, if anyone is itching to try out the game now, you may visit Tabletop Simulator via Steam and download Artistar's workshop build of the game. Submitted to PSO-World's forums by user timesplice are very valuable manual and card abilities translated into English. timesplice notes that "Translation may not be 100% but I got as close as I could."

As always, don't forget to support the official game by buying Sega's card booster packs, sets, and other goodies either in-store (if you're in Japan) or online via ebay, amazon, AmiAmi, or what have you.

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Rolf's nightmare psii
"I have no time to worry like a child about nightmares in this modern age, especially with the Mother Brain planning and controlling all aspects of the environment."
Rolf after waking from a nightmare in the prologue

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