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"It's ok. I trust you. When I'm with you, I can tell. I understand you and believe in you... all the way to the end. So, please, Break, don't worry..."
— Lura reassuring Break in Last Chance 3

Lura (Japanese: ルーラ) is a major character in Phantasy Star Online Episode III C.A.R.D. Revolution. She is the RAcaseal partner frequently seen accompanied by Break of the Arkz.

She seems to have feelings for Break. These emotions drive her to seek a Heart Unit, an item that she claims will make her body fully functional and allow her to feel more realistic human emotions. Unfortunately, no one seems to know what a heart unit is or if it exists.

Powers and abilities

Lura has an excellent Move stat that allows her to freely roam the field to her leisure, and even has moderately well-rounded attack and defensive potential. Since she is a humanoid, she is unable to use technique or technique boosting CARDs. If enemies breach her monster army, she is equipped with a Meteor Smash replica that can hit multiple characters at a wide range.

One of Lura's niche abilities is Aerial Assassin, which gives her a damage boost against flying characters. This works on bosses as well, such as the Leukon Knight, therefore if the enemy is known to use flying creatures or items, Lura is a good candidate to bring along for a slight advantage.

C.A.R.D. information

Lura's character card can be viewed below. Top color is red. The combo colors on the right of the card are blue, red, orange, and purple.

Card # Picture Resistance color Combo color left
Combo color right
Rarity HP AP Range
Name TP MV
N/A Pso lura card art.jpg ▬▬▬▬
N/A +2 2 Range3x1.png
0 4

———————————Multiple target attack
D RAcaseal
No Tech

  • Fixed Range
The attack range of equipped items (or character, if no item is equipped) remains the same regardless of Action Cards used.
  • Anti-Abnormality
Prevents Abnormal Conditions: Acid, Drop, Freeze, Immobile, Paralysis, etc.
  • Aerial Assassin
Inflicts 1.5x damage when attacking Aerial creatures.


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