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Luck (abbreviated as "LCK") is a recurring stat in the Phantasy Star series. Luck influences critical hit ratios. The higher the Luck stat, the higher the chances of a character dealing a critical hit with a weapon.

This stat does not appear in the Phantasy Star Universe series. In the Phantasy Star Online 2 series, it has been replaced by the Critical Hit Rate stat.

Phantasy Star Online

The Luck stat can be raised up to a value of 100 on any given character. Few pieces of equipment provide bonuses to Luck. Some weapons, such as Flowen's Sword and Final Impact, give Luck bonuses. The only other equipment that raises Luck is ___/Luck units. The only way to permanently raise Luck is to use Luck Materials.

It is speculated that the chance of dealing a critical hit is (Luck stat) / 20. A character with 10 Luck (the starting amount for every character) would have a .5% chance of dealing a critical hit, whereas a character with 100 luck has a 20% chance.

Luck has no bearing to, or influence on, damage dealt with techniques.

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