Lensol is a town in Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom. It is located aboard the Alisa III on the Draconia dome and is visitable by Ayn and everyone of the third generation.

General Information

Lensol is a town on Draconia located southwest of Techna. Although friendly to most travelers, the ruling monarchs of the second generation wrongfully assumed all descendents of Laya were their enemy. Because of this, they kidnapped Lyle's daughter, Thea, and locked her away in Lensol Castle until Ayn saved her.

Services available in this town include:

  • Church: Revival of fallen teammates and cures poison for a charge
  • Inn: Fully heals all allies and saves progress
  • Technique Distribution: Modify technique strength
Weapon shop Cost Armor shop Cost Tool shop Cost
Ceramic Sword 2,120 Force Armor 1,440 Trimate 500
Ceramic Knife 1,000 Ceramic Vest 1,045 Antidote 10
Ceramic Claw 1,150 Ceramic Protector 2,200
Laconian Shot 4,900 Force Emel 7,900
Ceramic Slicer 2,080 Robe 1,950
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