Idola group

A group consisting of a mixture of Zodiac and Lesser Idola.

Idola (Japanese: イドラ) are creatures that will make an appearance in the upcoming role-playing game, Idola: Phantasy Star Saga. They are gargantuan monsters that ravage the world of Vandor. The Aries Knights make it their mission to defend humanity from these aberrations who are regarded as spawn of Dark Falz.

Idola can be split into two groups, Zodiac and Lesser Idola. Zodiac Idola are powerful creatures representing the Zodiac signs. Lesser Idola are creatures of a lower ranking than their Zodiac counterparts. All Idola appear to be based off of constellations in the solar system.


4gamer idola03

A player-controlled Aries enters the battlefield.

Idola creatures will be raid battles in Idola: Phantasy Star Saga. Players will join forces with friends and other players in a concerted effort to defeat them during special events. The game will also include a mode that allows players to transform into an Idola during the game's storyline and PVP battles.

The person playing as an Idola will be rewarded with more prizes depending on how many players they down in a session. Likewise, the players fighting the Idola will have a chance of receiving bonuses for successfully defeating the monster.

Idola versus Idola battles are also possible within the story and in-game quests.

Known Idola

Image Name Information
Aries idola crop Aries Aries, the ram, excels in defensive and recovery abilities. It is among those known as Zodiac Idola.
4gamer idola monster Cetus Cetus, the whale monster, was the first Idola revealed on PSO2 Station #22. It will be "one of the weaker types of Idola,"[1] among those known as Lesser Idola. It attacks its foes with devastating ray blasts.
Chamaeleon idola crop Chamaeleon Chamaeleon, the chameleon, is a Lesser Idola with the power to change elements.
Gemini idola crop Gemini Gemini, the twins, is a Zodiac Idola that specializes in dual attacks on its foes.
Leo idola crop Leo Leo, the lion, is a Zodiac Idola gifted with overwhelmingly destructive power.
Lupus idola crop Lupus Lupus, the wolf, is a Lesser Idola that is known to be a swift, agile fighter in the heat of battle.


  • The word Idola as it is used in the franchise's lore refers to a Dark Falz aberration. Although it is not spoken within the game text, the word is usually part of the name of a Dark Falz associated creature's theme song.


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