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"You know what, though, man? My music isn't just for all of us in the Arkz. It's not for the guys in the government, either. It's for everyone on Pioneer 2 and Ragol! And I'm gonna keep on singing for them, forever!"
— Hyze speaking to the player after accepting the quest, Song Request

Hyze (Japanese: ヘイズ) is a minor character in Phantasy Star Online Episode III C.A.R.D. Revolution. He is a rockstar better known to his fans as his on stage persona, Beck Hyze. He is a member of the Arkz anti-government organization.

Hyze has been having trouble keeping his fame away from his personal life, since his fans aboard Pioneer II have started approaching him more about the ongoing chaos happening between Pioneer II and Ragol. When not on duty or performing, he seeks assistance from the player character, known as the Commander, for help with his troubles.


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