Hyuga from Phantasy Star Universe

A Guardian who attended the GUARDIANS Training School at the same time as Ethan. He and Ethan are rivals, often competing for first place in the Colony Frabullu Tournament. He's a bit of a Lothario, but also a devout follower of the Gurhal Faith, and claims that all the girls he has met have come to him through divine intervention. At heart he is a very diligent prodigy.

Having been briefly exposed to large quantities of D-Cells in the Hive during the events of Phantasy Star Universe, Hyuga eventually mutates into one of the first Deumen in Phantasy Star Portable 2: Infinity.


He and Ethan first met at the GUARDIANS Training School, where they quickly became rivals. During his training, Hyuga proved to be an adept swordsman, besting Ethan in every match they fought. Shortly after graduating, he and Ethan were paired up along with Karen Erra as GUARDIANS-in-training.

In battle, Hyuga usually used a single blue saber to attack enemies. On his own time, he played the part of a ladies man, once proposing marriage to a vendor he had just met. Despite his demeanor, Hyuga is very knowledgeable, something he likes to remind Ethan about whenever they're together.


Phantasy Star Portable 2: Infinity