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For the character class, see Hunter (class).
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Hunters as seen in Phantasy Star Online

Hunters are a loose organization of mercenaries for hire. They are usually tasked with destroying deadly biomonsters, though they will take on significantly safer missions as well. They first appeared in Phantasy Star 2.


Original Series

Phantasy Star 2

The first Hunters rose up in response to the Biomonster Outbreak on Mota. They worked to hunt down and destroy the hoards of monsters that plagued the planet. Some were motivated by money, others (as in the case of Rudo) by a personal vendetta.

Some Hunters went bad as time went on. In order to negate this, a group called the Guardians was established to police and destroy any hunter that turned rogue.

Phantasy Star 4

In the thousand years after they were first formed, the Hunters became a highly organized structure. Their main headquarters was the Hunter's Guild established in Aiedo. Although many feared the Hunters, they also knew that their presence helped keep the peace and reluctantly tolerated their presence.

Tasks now went beyond simply hunting down monsters and became more like a mercenary-organization. The greatest hunter of this time was Alys Brangwin, a warrior famous for her skills with a slasher. The number of missions she had completed was unmatched even by her successor, Chaz.

Phantasy Star Online Series

Hunter is the generic name applied to all characters in PSO. Players are referred to in-game and in the official manual as "Hunters." When contact is lost with Pioneer I, a group of hunters were sent down to the colony to investigate the disturbance.