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Humans in Phantasy Star Portable 2.

Humans are a race of creatures in the Phantasy Star universe.

Phantasy Star Online

They are more balanced than the android or newman races, with the ability to use magic (but not as powerful as a newman's) and without the ability to automatically regenerate HP or TP.

The various classes of humans are:

Phantasy Star Universe

"The most populous race in the Gurhal system, humans are the progenitors of all the races.

Their strength, lifespan, and other characteristics are largely the same as that of humans in Earth, and their abilities are well-balanced."

Phantasy Star Portable 2

Humans are a race of people in the Phantasy Star universe. Originating on the planet Palma/Parum, they have since ventered out into space to colonize other worlds and systems. Humans created the other three races: Newmans, Casts, and Beasts.

Phantasy Star Online 2

In Phantasy Star Online 2, Humans are one of the four races from which players can select from. Humans are the original entities from which ARKS was born; early in Photon research, it was discovered that Humans have the best aptitude for Photon control, thus making them the basis of all races. The Newman, CAST, and Deuman races were created by using Humans as a template. The other races were initially created to specialize in specific roles, but as research into the control of Photons advanced, the other three races evolved to possess Photon wielding capability nearly identical to that of Humans, thereby making their differences purely aesthetic.

Earthlings (humans of Planet Earth) are similar in capacity to the Humans that proliferate the Oracle colony. However, in addition to possessing hidden Photon capabilities that are not typically tapped into, Earthlings possess Ether potential, in that they can harness and utilize the power of Ether particles. However, like Photon potential, the ability to willfully harness Ether is usually not discovered by Earthlings themselves. Many Earthlings who harness Ether are able to access the world of Phantasy Star Online 2 through their avatar.

In gameplay, Humans are a balanced Race, with stats spread roughly evenly across the board. Males have slightly higher S-ATK, while females have slightly higher T-ATK.

Human male Human female
Class Hunter (HUmar) Ranger (RAmar) Force (FOmar) Class Hunter (HUmarl) Ranger (RAmarl) Force (FOmarl)
HP 210 189 168 HP 208 187 166
PP 100 100 100 PP 100 100 100
S-ATK 93 84 74 S-ATK 90 81 72
R-ATK 83 92 83 R-ATK 83 92 83
T-ATK 72 72 90 T-ATK 74 74 93
ABIL 95 95 95 ABIL 96 96 96
S-DEF 94 75 75 S-DEF 90 72 72
R-DEF 72 90 72 R-DEF 72 90 72
T-DEF 72 72 90 T-DEF 75 75 94


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