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Handguns are the most basic Ranger weapon, although they can be used by any class with enough ATA to equip one. They have a moderate attack range and fire photon bullets relatively quickly, enabling a hunter to strike at a distance; an invaluable tactic.

Handguns are often carried by Hunters as a complement to a melee weapon. Rangers may carry a handgun for quick attacks, although the variety of weapons available to Rangers negates many of the advantages of handguns save attack speed. Forces may carry a handgun as a backup, in order to be able to strike from a distance without using valuable TP.

Standard Handguns

All Rangers start with a basic handgun. The autogun is the next strongest version and is the weapon of choice for medium level rangers. It is has a fast rate of fire and is useful for taking out single units. The next most powerful - the lockgun - is mostly used by medium level characters and can be mostly be found on Hard difficulty.


Rare Handguns

9 Rarity

10 Rarity

11 Rarity

12 Rarity

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