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Gibarta or giwat (Japanese: ギ・バータ) is an intermediate damage technique common to Phantasy Star games.

Phantasy Star series

Phantasy Star IV

In Phantasy Star IV: The End of the Millennium, giwat costs 7 TP to cast. It deals ice damage to a single enemy equal to 80 plus the caster's mental stat, modified by the enemy's ice sensitivity and mental defense stat. Caterpillars, sand worms, and enemies in the valley maze and Tonoe warehouse basement are among the monsters especially sensitive to ice damage.

Giwat can be combined with a zan type technique or a hewn skill in any order to do a blizzard combo, or followed by a tandle skill to do a conduct thunder combo.

Hahn and Rune are the only player characters who can use giwat. Hahn learns giwat at level 16, and Rune learns giwat at level 18.

Phantasy Star Online series

Phantasy Star Online

In Phantasy Star Online, gibarta is a medium-level offensive technique of ice, and is the next step up from barta. When cast, the caster emits a cloud of ice that travels outward, damaging (and potentially freezing) any targets it hits. Higher levels increase the damage dealt, the chance of freezing the target, and the range of the spell.

Gibarta will hit multiple enemies, provided they are grouped fairly close together. It is not a targeted technique; it does not require a target to be cast.

Phantasy Star Online 2

Main article: Gibarta (Phantasy Star Online 2)

Gibarta is an ice elemental damage technique in Phantasy Star Online 2. Only characters with force or techter as their current class or sub-class can use techniques.

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