Ragol's lush forest

The Forest is the very first area of Ragol that hunters can access in Phantasy Star Online: Episode I. It is located on the surface of Ragol and was the site for Pioneer I's established base, known as the Central Dome. Upon Pioneer II's arrival, however, the Forest was found to be full of aggressive native animals while not a single resident of Pioneer I is anywhere to be found.


The Forest consists of two areas, both of which are fairly linear areas that are simple enough that it is difficult to get lost. They serve as basic tutorial stages to acquaint the player with simple puzzle mechanics found in the game, such as locked gates and switches.

Forest 1 is the first of two areas of the Forest. It is also the first area on Ragol in which the player encounters the aggressive animals that have ravaged the landscape around Pioneer 1. Boomas and Rag Rappies are among the most common enemies found in this area.

Forest 1.png

Forest 2 is the second of two areas. This area differentiates itself from the previous area by introducing new enemies not found in Forest 1, such as the intimidating Hildebear and Gigobooma, as well as having a more morbid, rainy atmosphere. Toward the end of Forest 2, the player get transported to the dragon's lair located underneath the Central Dome. Once the dragon has been defeated, the principle will allow entry into the Caves.

Forest 2.png

Local Monsters

Being what the creatures are to the area, their attribute is Native. The Forest's inhabitants are rather effective at ambushing hunters with physical attacks.

Normal-Very Hard



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