Elly Person (Japanese: エリ・パーソン) is a FOnewearl from Phantasy Star Online. She is a character that appeared briefly in an Episode I Hunter's Guild mission, and later got a more prominent role in Episode 2.



Elly in Knowing One's Heart

Elly is first seen in the story during the Episode I quest, Knowing One's Heart. Here, the player learns that the young woman had a pen pal named Calus that was on board Pioneer I. Although they never met in person, they frequently exchanged messages with one another. She lost contact with him when Pioneer I mysteriously vanished but recently started receiving messages from him again. Thinking that this was a sign that he was still alive, she sought the help of the Hunter's Guild to get an escort to help her find him in the Mines.

Over the course of their travels, Elly would take a few moments to send her friend messages telling him about their rescue mission. Sometimes Calus would respond with worry, saying that they should not have come, and other times he would say that he was joking and he really wanted to see them. In the end, it is discovered that Calus was actually a machine that developed a personality. He tells Elly that he is starting to change but does not know why or how, noting that he is beginning to crave an organic body. Because of this, he concludes that the only way to prevent his sudden urges is to shut down. Elly, saddened by this realization, has a moment of indecision before she remembers her determination to save him. She then, with the assistance of the player, makes a back-up of Calus' data and says good-bye to her friend for the moment. Afterwards, she sadly thanks the player for the help and quietly goes home.


Elly as seen in Episode 2.

Elly reemerges in Episode II, serving as a support operator for the player. At her station, she works with the new rebuilt Calus system (dubbed "Cal" for short) which functions as the Lab's AI unit. Elly assists the player through the hunter exams in the VR fields, as well as gives advice when she can about the various enemies, landscapes and other queries the player may have about the ever-changing world of Ragol. After the player graduates, she is then promoted to become the player's official operator for the various investigations the Lab sends the player on around Gal Da Val Island. Elly happily thanks the player for allowing her to keep her job by passing the exams, saying that she can now talk to Calus as much as she could possibly want.

Other Appearances

Elly bbmanga

Elly in the Blue Burst manga

Elly makes a brief cameo in the Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst manga that ran on the official website before the game's closure. Here, she lends support to those attempting to save Rupika from the sand worm, Saint-Milion.


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