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Elenor Camuel (Japanese: エルノア・カミュエル) is a RAcaseal from Phantasy Star Online. She is a side character in the story, possessing the gift of understanding MAGs and serves the whims of the eccentric Dr. Jean Carlo Montague.


Elenor fights alongside you in two quests: Magnitude of Metal and Doc's Secret Plan. She is the creation of the brilliant scientist Jean Carlo Montague, and though she is loyal to her creator, she seems to yearn for a normal life with real friends outside of Dr. Montague's lab.

In the downloadable quest, Soul of Steel, it reveals that Elenor has a twin sister, Ult, who, like Elenor, was built by Dr. Montague.

Other Appearances

Elenor bbmanga1

Elenor with her MAGs in the Blue Burst manga

Elenor makes several appearances in the comical Blue Burst manga that celebrated the game's many anniversaries. She usually accompanies her master, the eccentric Dr. Montague, on his many escapades.
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