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Dr. Jean Carlo Montague
Dr. Jean Carlo Montague
Game: Phantasy Star Online
Species: Newman
Gender: Male
Class: FOnewm
Section ID: Yellowboze
Affiliation: Pioneer 2 Lab

Dr. Jean Carlo Montague (Japanese: ジャンカルロ・モンタギュー) is a FOnewm from Phantasy Star Online. He is a side character in the main story known for being an incredibly talented, young genius with an outlandish outlook on life.


Incredibly eccentric, Dr. Montague would tell you himself that his eccentricity is probably a side effect of his genius. (He's a genius, you know, ha ha ha!) Elenor's creator, he makes cameo appearances in "Dr. Osto's Research" and "Unsealed Door" before you are formally introduced to him in "Doc's Secret Plan." After you complete the mission for him, he agrees to help you in the future by making weapons out of any monster parts you may discover.

Other Appearances

Group bbmanga

The characters from left to right: Nol Rinale, the Waynes sisters, Gallon, Elenor and Dr. Montague

The good doctor makes several cameo appearances in the comical Blue Burst manga that ran on the game's official website before its closure. In one story, he admires some monster parts given to him from a player character, while in another, he finds a special ring hidden within a red box.

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