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Dark shrine landscape

The final encounter amid ominous twilight

"A noble, ethereal shrine. Inside, however, darkness swirls with malevolence."
— Quest counter description

The Dark Shrine (Japanese: 暗黒神殿) is an area in Phantasy Star Zero.

General Data

Local Monsters

Normal Hostiles

Rare Variants


There are several missions that can be undertaken by the player at the Hunter's Guild quest counter. Certain quests grant the player rewards for beating them on specific difficulties.


Multiplayer quests

These extra quests are only available once characters have reached a certain point in the main story for the character they are using. They can only be accessed upon making a multiplayer room either locally or online.

Quest Name Difficulty Reward
Black and White Normal Monogrinder x3
1,500 Meseta
Hard Digrinder x3
3,000 Meseta
Super Trigrinder x3
??? Meseta
Darkness Revived Normal Photon Drop x1
1,500 Meseta
Hard Photon Drop x2
3,000 Meseta
Super Photon Drop x3
??? Meseta

Side quests

Although not important to the main plot of Phantasy Star Zero, Dark Shrine has several side quests that can be undertaken. These missions are optional and can be challenged with friends in local and online multiplayer.

Quest Name Difficulty Ranking Reward
Mother's Memory Normal ★★★☆☆☆☆ Spirit Garb (2 unit slots)
2,500 Meseta
Hard ★★★★★★ Spirit Garb (3 unit slots)
5,000 Meseta
Super ★★★★★★★ Spirit Garb (4 unit slots)
10,000 Meseta
To the Future Normal ★★★☆☆☆☆ Taxion Gun (0% additional stats)
3,000 Meseta
Hard ★★★★★★ Luxion Gun (0% additional stats)
6,000 Meseta
Super ★★★★★★★ Tachyon Gun (+30 Accuracy Adj.)
12,000 Meseta

Field access

If the player decides that they want to explore the area without an apparent goal or mission, Dark Shrine can be selected under "Access field." The difficulty and challenge ranking are as follows:

  • Normal Mode
  • Hard Mode
  • Super Hard Mode

Message Packs

Message packs are mysterious messages found on the field that were left behind by unknown hunters. Many of the tutorial messages and LMA reports appear to be from the same person. Messages commonly appear after clearing dead-end rooms or around special areas such as the arena or pizzeria.

"There are some obviously different from the others. They're both tough."
— King and Queen
"Huh? What is this place? An audience? Hostiles? Aiyeeee! Help me!"
— What's an Arena? 4
"Wanted: Challengers confident in their skills. Survival not guaranteed."
— The Arena Challenge
"The legendary pizza that time shaped into a weapon! Enjoy! It's bombalicious!"
Coco Hut
"Poison mist is just wrong. There should be a switch somewhere, but, blecch."
— Dear Rookies 18
"Visible traps are sometimes scarier than the invisible ones. Poison spikes?"
— Dear Rookies 19
"Shadows and light that move as living things? Splendid be this place, splendid!"
— LMA Report 28
"So much for a Eulid's beauty. With little grace it flails when facing destruction."
— LMA Report 30
"The sword of Phobos returns when thrown. Perhaps the sword is the sentient one?"
— LMA Report 31


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