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Dairon city

The resolute city

"A peaceful town that houses a number of merchants and explorers. Dairon City is the central hub of your adventures in Phantasy Star Zero, with a number of weapon, armor, and item merchants, a bank, and the local Hunter's Guild where you can take quests or embark freely to hunt in areas you've already been to."
— Description from the official English website

Dairon City (Japanese: ダイロンシティ) is an area in Phantasy Star Zero. It is the main hub overworld in the game that the protagonist can freely traverse in order to stock up on consumable items, weapons, armour, and even accept quests in order to gain access to field areas with the assistance of the Hunter's Guild.



Hunter's Guild


Psz beneath manhole

The hidden sewer market

Hidden beneath the manhole in the corner of the city is a niche market that peddles unique wares. It is here that the player gains access to the Photon Collector, a merchant that trades unique items in exchange for photon drops, the Enemy Collector, a skilled tradesman that can craft monster parts into usable items, and the Password Machine, a vending machine that dispenses items depending on the game's region and applicable codes.

If the player is working toward the Cat Lover title, which requires all cats in the city to be pet at least once, near the far left-hand corner of the sewer is a cat named Koo resting on a barrel to the left of the Photon Collector.

Photon Collector

Psz merch1
Item Cost (Photon Drops)

Enemy Collector

Psz enemy collector
Monster Material Cost (Meseta) Result
Helion psz Helion Mane 500 Helion Roar
Rohjade psz Rohjade Scales 2,500 Jade Hulse
94 Black Barrel 5,000 Chaos Cannon
Psz candm end Black Drill 5,000 Mobius Drill
Reyburn Broken Horn 5,000 Scarred Horn
Octo Diablo Slimy Tentacle 5,000 Octo Bazooka
Blaze helion psz Burning Mane 25,000 Blaze Roar
Garapython psz Garapython Fang 25,000 Python Bite
Phobos psz Phobos Shard 25,000 Phobos Shoot
Zaphobos psz Black Shard 50,000 Black Phobos
Reyburn Dragon's Horn 50,000 Dragon Horn
Rohcrysta psz Rohcrysta Scales 50,000 Crysta Hulse
Octo Diablo Squirmy Tentacle 50,000 Devil Bazooka
Psz candm end White Drill 50,000 Hemara Drill
Garahadan psz Garahadan Fang 100,000 Hadan Bite
94 White Barrel 100,000 Tartaros Cannon

Password Machine

The following codes are for the North American and European versions.

Item Password
Blade Cannon 7839-3594
Caduceus 5139-6877
CONSOLES+ 9185-6189
Game Master 7162-5792
InGame:Greg&Kiri 5531-0215
Lassi Soul (x5) 4775-7197
Nintendo Power 3171-0109
Puyo Soul (x5) 3470-1424
Selvaria's Shield 4294-2273
Selvaria's Spear 5703-8252
Toppi Soul (x5) 9475-6843


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