Council of Six
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Game: Phantasy Star Online 2
Phantasy Star Online 2 es
Inception: AP 198 [1]
Founders: #1 Regius [1]
#2 Maria [1]
#3 Casra I [1]
#4 Atossa [1]
#5 Klariskrays [1]
#6 Wolf [1]
Death Squad:
#0 Zelsius Quna
Affiliation: ARKS

The Council of Six (Japanese: 六芒均衡) is an organization in Phantasy Star Online 2. It has gone through several revisions since its inception during the war with Dark Falz [Elder] during the early years of New Light History, also known as the After Photon calendar. The Council of Six is committed to protect Oracle's Mothership regardless of cost or consequence.

During times of great distress, the Council of Six can enact an absolute order known as Code: Abyss. This code releases a signal that mind controls all ARKS members watching a projected broadcast to seek and destroy the threat to the Mothership.


Pso2 council artwork

The Council of Six, excluding Quna.

Episodes 1-3

The first form of the Council of Six was founded by six original members in AP 198.

Odd numbered members of the council were designated the Three Heroes. These legendary members took part in the war against Dark Falz [Elder]. As a testament to their aptitude for combat, their names would be passed on to their future successors that take their place on the council. They are also famous for wielding special Genesis weapons, items that contain immense amounts of power that cannot be wielded by standard ARKS recruits.

Even numbered members were elected to establish a balance in the organization. Although they, too, would receive successors, their symbolic names would not pass on to the next generation.

The following table includes every member in the council in its first form.

Council of Six (Episodes 1-3)
# Member Appointed Status
1 Regius AP 198 Founder / Active
2 Maria AP 198 Founder / Active
3 Casra I AP 198 Founder / Died AP 220
Casra II AP 230 Active
4 Atossa AP 198 Founder / Died AP 227
Zeno AP 238 Active
5 Klariskrays I (Alma) AP 198 Founder / "Died" AP 207
Klariskrays II (Matoi) AP 226 Vanished AP 228
Klariskrays III AP 234 Active
6 Wolf AP 198 Founder / Died AP 227
Huey AP 235 Active
0 Zelsius Quna N/A Active

Episodes 4-present

The status quoue would remain unchallenged for many years until AP 241 (Episode 4). The council went through a heavy reorganization that became the face of the foundation seen today. The current roster is shown below organized by section.

Council of Six (Episodes 4-present)
Role Member Notes
Commanding General Ulc Xiao promotes her to Supreme Commander as he seeks a way to rid the universe of the Profound Darkness. Arguably the highest ranking executive officer in ARKS, Ulc have no authority whatsoever, over the two Guardians of ARKS (who have none of the executive authority, but more executive privileges and influence than any ARKS ought to have).
Assistant to the Commanding General Theodore N/A
Guardian Player Character Known as a "Guardian of ARKS" along with Matoi. Widely regarded as a workaholic of epic proportions coupled with a rebellious nature. As a Guardian, the Player is beholden only to Xiao's orders, who tends to allow the Player to do whatever they want since the Player Character was shown to be perfectly capable of ignoring his dictates. The Player (Protagonist) was placed in cryostasis (cold sleep) at the end of Episode 3, and was said to be 'forcibly awakened' two years later in Episode 4 to figure out the truth behind the influx of mysterious ARKS. In Episode 4, he/she is regarded as the ARKS's Greatest Warrior.
Matoi A Guardian of ARKS, easily one of the strongest and highest-ranking ARKS. Like the Protagonist, she have freedom to act accordingly, and is only beholden to Xiao's orders. Goes into cryostasis in Episode 3. She was reawakened sometime in AP 240, before the anime took place. However, due to an incident, she was sent back to cryostasis in the last episode of the anime, and did not awaken until the climax of Episode 4.
Ship Administrator/Exclusive Operator Xiera Guardians' exclusive operator, and the administrator of the ship that Player and the named NPCs lived in, she helps Player and Matoi from the Bridge.
Department of Combat
Role Member Notes
Commander of Combat Huey Inspires Stratos with his burning enthusiasm.
Vice Commander of Combat Klariskrays III The 'younger sister' of Sara, and said to be the 'most dangerous' of the Three Heroes, mostly due to her propensity of defaulting to highly explosive fire techniques at her whims and fancies.
New Tactics Team Lead Stratos Developed the Hero class.
Other Lisa Joined the Combat Division before EP 4.
Fourier Joined the Combat Division before EP 4.
Patty Joined the Combat Division before EP 4.
Tea Joined the Combat Division before EP 4.
Department of General Affairs
Role Member Notes
Commander of General Affairs Maria Devotes most of her time to training cadets in the Instruction Division.
Vice Commander of General Affairs Sara Maria's devoted pupil and second. Since Maria is busy training most of the time, Sara takes over most of the commander responsibilities for General Affairs.
Research Division Aki N/A
Other Light Assists Aki.
Eucrita The sister of Afin, and a former incomplete Dark Falz Apprentice. She wields the Genesis Weapon - Aurora, and is strong enough to go toe-to-toe with the Protagonist in EP 5 for some time, and is highly skilled in the use of TMG, enough to force the Protagonist to switch weapons to deal with her.
Department of Instruction
Role Member Notes
Commander of Instruction Regius Commander, though he is seemingly fine with allowing his sister, Maria, to infringe on his authority at times by training his cadets. Admittedly, there are many more things that he have to deal with as commander other than simply training his forces. He was the undisputed leader of the Council of Six, and the most powerful ARKS before the Player's rise to power.
Vice Commander of Instruction Zeno Rather bored this days, since Regius and Maria is dealing with the bulk of the training, presumably delegated to paperwork and the occasional field work.
Department of Intelligence
Role Member Notes
Commander of Intelligence Casra II Intelligence founder and self-appointed commander. His authority allows him command over certain troops but it is unknown what the boundaries are between him and Huey's authority. Casra had said that he is 'the most troublesome' to deal with among the Three Heroes, in terms of fighting ability.
Vice Commander of Intelligence Zelsius Quna An idol by day and assassin by night, she is one of the most dangerous ARKS, being able to wield the Genesis Weapon - Invisible Mai, that grants her invisibility that no one but the Protagonist had been shown in the story to be able to see through.
Other Aika 'Suzuki' Tasked with monitoring Earth activity. She follows orders primarily from Casra. The name 'Suzuki' Aika was taken by Aika while she was uncover on Earth.
Bruno Worked with Administrator Seraphy on a mission previously.


Pso2 council of 6

The founding members pictured in silhouette.

In AP 198, ARKS engaged in mortal combat with Dark Falz [Elder]'s darker army. Were it not for the small band of extremely talented ARKS among their numbers, the battle would have surely drifted unfavorably. However, they were successful in repelling the darker commander's assault and they managed to seal him for the time being within a relic on Naberius.

Despite winning the battle, ARKS suffered massive casualties and, as a result, were forced to reorganize. Acknowledging the bravery and impressive skill displayed by Regius, Maria, Klariskrays I, and Casra I, an organization was concocted which became known as the Council of Six. It included three members known as the Three Heroes, heroes that took part in the fight against [Elder]. In order to balance out their power, they appointed additional even-numbered members known simply as the Even Numbers. The full roster for the council now consisted of the following founders:

  1. Regius
  2. Maria
  3. Casra I
  4. Atossa
  5. Klariskrays I
  6. Wolf

The Council of Six dedicated themselves to the protection of Oracle's Mothership at all costs. If there was ever a greater need for more troops, the council was granted authority to issue out an absolute order known as Code: Abyss. This law brainwashes ARKS personnel aboard the ships to seek and destroy a designated target that threatens the sanctity of Oracle.

As the years pass, a series of misfortune takes its toll on the council's members. Number 5, Klariskrays I, suddenly died in AP 207 as a result of Luther's experiments, although ARKS were unaware of his research at the time. 19 years later, she is replaced by Klariskrays II in AP 226. One year later, AP 227, Dark Falz [Apprentice] kills Atossa and Wolf, although the ARKS explained away the circumstances of their demise as merely succumbing to disease. In her hunt for [Apprentice], Klariskrays II and a fellow ARKS named Melfonseana engage the Dark Falz directly. While they successfully repelled [Apprentice]'s army, unfortunately, this led to the death of Seana and then Klariskrays II vanished shortly after becoming corrupted. Despite the heavy losses once again, the council would quickly renew their numbers in the coming years. Truly, this was a testament to their philosophy of balance.

Casra II was appointed as Number 3 by AP 230. 4 years later, a 12-year-old girl was named Klariskrays III which was followed shortly after with the appointment of Huey as the council's Number 6. This second generation of heroes refilled most of the void left by the destruction from the Dark Falz army. Hiding in the shadows, the Council of Six had a hidden member Number 0. To the residents of Oracle, she was simply known as Quna the idol sensation. However, when not performing, Quna would transform into Zelsius Quna. By utilizing the photons in her body, she had the power to make herself appear invisible while she acted as the council's assassin that weeded out so-called "traitors." The council now appeared as follows:

1. Regius
2. Maria
3. Casra II
4. (Empty)
5. Klariskrays III
6. Huey
0. Zelsius Quna

Over the course of certain events in Episode 1, Klariskrays II, now known as Matoi, is discovered alive but with no memory. She received help from an up and coming ARKS member, the player character (Player), to remember who she was. Zeno vanished when he distracted the revived Dark Falz [Elder], who escaped from his prison within the Naberius relic and secured a new body in Gettemhart. Episode 2 followed time travelling exploits from Player, Sara, and Maria in order to defeat [Elder] and save Zeno. Now that he had returned alive and well, Zeno trained with Maria in order to awaken his latent powers. Although he initially insisted on the Hunter lifestyle, he was destined to follow the path of the Ranger and was reborn as the Council of Six's fourth member, now wielding the legendary gunslash, Nanaki.

In AP 241, another reorganization took place. This removed the original sense of balance that the founders established with its heroes and, instead, moved the council into the direction of a structured military hierarchy of command sectioned into divisions. The Council of Six leaders became division commanders or seconds, and supreme leadership was bestowed upon Ulc after Xiao removed himself from office to dedicate himself to the pursuit of discovering a means to end the Profound Darkness once and for all.


  • When the Japanese name is read literally, it can be translated as "Hexagonal Equilibrium" or a "six-pointed balance." Because of the kanji and the general difficulty of reading it, English communities (with no official western localization officially developed) used this name for a short time after the game's original release.

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