Cille is city in Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom. It is the royal Layan kingdom in the Aquatica dome where Maia and her family reside, and this city is the location where Rhys fights Maia's father, the king, in the final boss fight of his story chapter in the first generation. As the Layans of Cille are currently locked in combat with the enemy Orakians during the Laya-Orakio War, many people from Cille hold prejudiced views against Orakians.

General Information

Weapon shop Cost Armor shop Cost Tool shop Cost
Planar Sword 64,000 Laconian Armor 6100 Monomate 10
Royal Bow 64,000 Force Vest 4100 Dimate 40
Planar Claw 35,800 Force Protector 9000 Trimate 500
Planar Slicer 62,000 Royal Vest 23,000 Star Mist 5600
Royal Protector 47,000 Moon Dew 8800


  • In times long past, a sandbar once connected Cille to Shusoran at low tide. This was a result of the satellites acting as a moon-like entity to the Alisa III which affected the tides on the spacecraft's many domed worlds. In recent times after the banishment of Lune and Siren, the satellites' orbits were changed and so the two kingdoms never experienced the convenience of the shoal.
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